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Boston’s Colonial Theatre Will Remain A Theatre

A new chapter for Boston’s historic Colonial Theatre is beginning this week. That new beginning comes following several dark, unpromising months where the venue’s fate remained uncertain following plans that Emerson College, a well-known and respected educational institution and performing arts college, announced would turn the space into a student center. The world reacted and now the story is changing.

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Stories From The Colonial: Thank You For The Music

The show must go on is one of the most beloved, cherished and true phrases of show business. However, once in a while everything changes causing productions, either on Broadway or anywhere around the country, to cancel a performance. September 11th, 2001 was a day everything changed. Performances for productions were not only cancelled on Broadway, located in New York City

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Stories From The Colonial: The Loo Where It Happens

Earlier this week, Luner on Theatre kicked off sharing exclusive photos and stories from Boston’s historic Colonial Theatre through the generous support and sharing of those with Save The Colonial! We’re thrilled to not only bring you an exclusive look inside this magnificent venue while sharing stories from our theatre history but rally support and promote an understanding of just how truly

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Battle To Save Colonial Theatre Launches Story/Photo Campaign

The Boston community and theatre world exploded last year when it was revealed Emerson College planned to destroy the historic Colonial Theatre by turning the venue into a dining hall for the college. Students complained, the faculty voted against it and most importantly, the theatre world said we can do better than this. With a new year now underway, the fight

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Artwork Released For World Premiere Of Anastasia

One of the nation’s leading regional theaters is preparing to mount an epic world premiere in 2016! Many animated films have made their way from the screen to the stage with a new life in musical theatre. Disney, obviously, leads the charge here with many of their classics such as Aladdin, The Lion King, Little Mermaid, Tarzan and countless others

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