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King Kong Musical Revamped As Original Creative Team Departs

Kong has returned! It’s musical theatre like you have never seen. King Kong on stage made it’s world premiere in Australia in 2013 and made headlines. Using technology never before seen on the stage, the production has brought to life the largest puppet in the world that is so incredibly life-like, it’s scary. The larger than life show ran to

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King Kong Musical Departs Australia and Looks For Next Venue

He’s Big. He’s Bad. And for right now, he’s taking a break. King Kong on Stage seems to have redefined theatre for those down under after the production came to a close after years in the making down under this past weekend. What originally began as a limited engagement production turned into an extended run, times four, that brought visitors

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First Look at King Kong in Melbourne (Photos)

Kong is Back. Yesterday, Luner on Theatre brought you everything you needed to know about the new world premiere musical Kong Kong. The show which is now officially open and running in Melbourne, Australia is set to play through the end of July down under and is hoping for future production especially one in Kong’s very own city, New York. Today, Luner

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