Allenberry Playhouse Will Reopen In Summer 2017

Despite shuttering in late 2015 amid a change in management and looming renovations to it’s entire campus, the curtain will once again rise at Allenberry Playhouse beginning this summer.

Photo By Dan Gleiter

Following an entire dark season in 2016, Allenberry Resort Inn has announced the Allenberry Playhouse will return to operation this summer in July 2017. The resort announced they had reached an agreement with Keystone Theatrics, under the leadership of Executive Director Dustin LeBlanc, to provide programming and entertainment not only at that Playhouse but around the entire campus. Keystone will provide family friendly productions, movie nights, musical acts, comedy, guest speakers as well as educational workshops. A full 2017 season is expected but no official announcement has been made yet at this time.

Keystone’s executive director, LeBlanc, is a Boiling Springs native and central Pennsylvania theater vet. He served as the artistic director of the Carlisle Theatre Company and as a former board chairman of the Carlisle Theatre before his term expired last fall. In a statement he said, “Keeping live theatre and entertainment at Allenberry is honoring tradition and will be great for the community.”

Renovations to the theater (Pictured Left) are underway after the theater was mostly gutted following it’s closure in late 2015. Carpeting, drapes in addition to the lighting and audio systems were all removed from the playhouse and sold not long after it’s closing. The renovation to the theater is set to include major improvements both inside and out. Plans include restoring the original box office, constructing a new concession stand and bar in addition to a new lighting and audio system inside the performance space.

Many thanks to the Keystone Theatrics Website for the Featured Photo.

Luner on Theatre will keep you updated as more news of Allenberry Playhouse’s return this season comes to the surface! We’re looking forward to welcoming back this staple central Pennsylvania theater and the entertainment is provides to many throughout the year. For more information regarding the Playhouse, please email

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