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Welcome To The New Luner on Theatre!


If our return to publishing articles earlier this past month came as a surprise catching you off-guard, you weren’t the only one! After a considerable amount of time away from the site, we decided the only way we could truly return was in a fashion that was bigger and better than ever. After a couple of months of talking to various individuals, putting together some previous ideas with new ones and fully committing to a major step forward for the site from its previous design, I’m thrilled to welcome you today to the new and improved Luner on Theatre.

New Site | Same News

One of the first things you might have noticed about Luner on Theatre is our new site layout! With the help of our friend Dan Luner (Okay AND brother), we’ve managed to rework our site into a much better format that will not only allow you to see more news happening across the theatre world as a whole, but also give you complete and total access to all Luner on Theatre has to offer. From our social media to any region we cover, our new drop down menu features allows you to focus in on news you want but also news in these same categories you may not be aware of. Our sidebar has been completely upgraded to include Email Subscription, our Twitter, Instagram, Polls we want you to vote on and MORE!

New Tagline | New Targeting

After five plus years giving you “theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and more”, we’ve updated our tagline! Luner on Theatre now carries the tagline; “Commenting | Curating | Creating Conversation”. This new tagline is not only better suited for our site but allows us to focus you from the moment you visit begins with our main mission here at Luner on Theatre. We’re not only here to provide you with the theater news but here to comment on daily happenings, curate larger thoughts for the business and create conversations we believe the theater community should be having. This new tagline allows us not only continue our mission we began six years ago but continue it on a larger scale.

New Coverage | “Yo, Philadelphia!”

While Luner on Theatre has struggled to provide effective theatre news for the City of Philadelphia in the past, we’re thrilled to announce the City of Brotherly Love is getting a full-time representative on our site! Dan Luner (Pictured Right) has joined our Luner on Theatre team to provide full-time access and coverage to any and all Philadelphia related theatre news. This includes not only theatre events and conversations happening within city but also the surrounding area. Dan has been a huge help in the redevelopment of our site and full-time Philly coverage was one of his most promising features when we spoke about him working on the site long-term. Dan has already begun writing for our site and has already expanded our theatre coverage to a new level for Philly. We’re thrilled our hometown will be better represented on the site with the help of another Luner. (Does this mean we’re Luners On Theatre now?)

New Visuals

After six very long years of changing fonts, various pictures and a lack of original artwork, Luner on Theatre is thrilled to announce we finally have a logo! Take a look! We teamed up with our good friend Billie Kanfer who was able to help create an original logo for Luner on Theatre. Combining our thoughts, how we wanted the site to be perceived and Billie’s experience, we’ve managed to create a one-of-a-kind logo for Luner on Theatre. Billie’s logo will not only appear here on our site but on all Luner on Theatre social media. She has proved incredibly helpful and insightful throughout this entire experience and will continue to be a helpful hand as we move forward and work together further on future projects.

New Series

Luner on Theatre is thrilled to announce that in addition to kicking off our return and the many exciting details above, we’ve managed to work up two brand new series for our site you will be able to follow over the course of time.

The first series we’re excited to launch is Theater Thursdays! This is a series that will be dedicated and used to educate about the theater houses of Broadway. You might know their names, you more than likely know their locations, but do you know everything about your favorite Broadway theater? Theater Thursdays will be a weekly feature where we highlight one Broadway theater per week speaking of its past, present and future. This idea is not new to our site but officially takes off with our 2017 revamp!

The second series we’re excited to launch is titled Page To Stage! Page To Stage is a series that will profile those who work behind the scenes in theatre to bring you an understanding of all it takes to that point. We hope Page To Stage not only introduces you the various theatrical behind the scenes jobs and their duties but also everything it takes to put on just one show.

Luner On Social Media

If we didn’t Facebook, tweet or Instagram about this new upgrade…did it even really happen? Spoiler: We did! In addition to getting Luner on Theatre news here on our site, we’re also located on all major social media sites to connect you and your friends to our theatre news allowing you to share it to a broader audience!

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We couldn’t be more excited to begin this new journey with you alongside us for every step of it. You’ve showed us over the past six years that the topics we cover and material we share with you and our entire audience is not only information you want to know but talk about as well. You’ve elevated our awareness, discussions and knowledge to a level we never thought possible when starting off. Today, Luner on Theatre takes a huge step forward not only beginning an exciting new chapter but reaffirming our dedication to share theatre with you across the globe through our content, and conversations. Thank you for being a part of this journey. I hope you are as excited as I am.

Chris Luner
Creator & Founder of Luner on Theatre