Last Emperor of Mexico Combines Theatre & Small Business In Philadelphia

 Chris Davis brings The Last Emperor of Mexico, written and performed by himself, to Philadelphia this weekend combining theatre and small business for a one of a kind experience at a Philadelphia icon.

“…a strikingly original writer & performer.” 

The Scotsman

16174935_10158447518250001_7601253462709593371_nThe Last Emperor of Mexico is a historical journey exploring the rise and fall of Maximilian I (Pictured Right). Maximilian I has recently been declared the Emperor of Mexico by Napoleon III, but his administration soon comes under attack by the revolutionary Benito Juarez. He is confronted with one of the greatest dilemmas an Emperor has ever faced; to shave his beard, or to die by firing squad. The production is performed by Chris Davis and directed by Mary Tuomanen.

 “One-Man Apocalypse Now is a tour-de-force that has convinced me I must see all his other work” – Mark Cofta, Broad St. Review

The Last Emperor of Mexico will be performed at Los Amigos Meat Market, a butcher shop located in the heart of the Italian Market (9th and Montrose). Part of the goal of the project is to support the small business owner, Raul, by “combining food and theater for a unique theatrical event.”

LUNER LOWDOWN: “Combining local business and theatre is simply put… a brilliant idea. I applaud Mr. Davis for his efforts to bring solid business to both parties and I look forward to seeing and reviewing his show during opening weekend.”

The Last Emperor of Mexico educates the audience about the history of Mexico in a fun, innovative way, and is appropriate both for children and families. This is the second installment in a series of solo-plays exploring 19th century Mexican history. Juan-Winfield Escutia-Scott, performed last year by Chris Davis, brought in such enthusiasm and business for Raul, that the two have decided to bring back a new project for 2017.

Tickets for The Last Emperor of Mexico are only $15 which includes not only a drink but a tamale as well! Performances run February 20th through 25th as well as February 27th through March 4th, 2017. All performances begin at 6:30 PM with doors opening at 6:00 PM. The Los Amigos Meat Market is located at 927 South 9th Street in Philadelphia, PA. Tickets Here: Last Emperor Tickets!


City Skyline

Photo Credit: Pinterest


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