IMPOSSIBLE Will Return To London’s West End

11202831_1604866293094804_3798781008105842444_o“That’s Impossible!”– A phrase often uttered by those witnessing the newest magical productions currently touring Europe following it’s London premiere last year. On the heels of the it’s critical acclaim and a growing marketing for magic, the show is slated to return to the place where it all began last year as it’s continued success grows making just about nothing impossible to this show with that very title. Today, Luner on Theatre brings you the exciting news that IMPOSSIBLE will return to London’s West End in Summer 2016!

noel-coward-theatre_img-v447963Following it’s highly-acclaimed run last season in the West End, IMPOSSIBLE will return to London this summer for a limited engagement. Set to take up residence at the Noël Coward Theatre (Pictured Right), the show will begin performances July 8th with an official opening July 13th. The show will run at the venue through August 27th only. The show features some of the world’s greatest illusionists and will feature new cast members since its last production. The production, dubbed “the greatest magic show on earth”, features death-defying stunts, technological trickery, grand stage illusions and close-up magic as well.


Impossible083The company of IMPOSSIBLE includes Magical Bones, Chris Cox, Sabine Van Dieman, Jonathan Goodwin, Ben Hart and Josephine Lee. Each performer and illusionist has their own skill set that is high-lighted throughout the performance. Magical Bones (Pictured Left) is a South London street conjurer and break-dancing master considered the world’s best hip-hop magician. Chris Cox is an award-winning mind reading specialist and able to control minds. Sabine Van Dieman is considered the Diva of Magic performing not only magic but illusions as well. Jonathan Goodwin is a daredevil and escapologist pushing the limits of his stunts to the most extreme. Ben Hart is a magician and illusionist who pushes the boundaries and limits of illusion using decapitation, vanishing and levitation to complete his tricks. Josephine Lee, considered the grand illusionist, is a world record holder for the most illusions performed in 5 minutes and one of the fastest in the business.

IMPOSSIBLE is directed by Lloyd Wood and features music by Ryan Martin. The creative team includes Andrew D. Edwards as scenic designer, Howard Harrison as lighting designer, Gareth Owens as sound designer with 59 productions providing a video design. Jamie Hendry Productions and Gavin Kalin Productions are producing the engagement.

Producer Jamie Henry spoke of his delight London would welcome back IMPOSSIBLE yet again this season following last year’s critically acclaimed run saying;

“We were overwhelmed by the welcome that London audiences showed IMPOSSIBLE last year and are delighted to be returning to the Noël Coward Theatre with a bigger show than ever before. I’m proud to welcome two of the world’s leading female magicians, Josephine Lee and Sabine van Diemen to the company, and am excited about seeing audiences’ reactions to their stunning performances”.

Impossible105Luner Lowdown: I’m thrilled to see IMPOSSIBLE returning to London’s West End this summer! When this new production first debuted last season, it made headlines not only for its grand illusion and magic acts but for also being something completely different. The show follows in the footsteps of The Illusionists which premiered not only on Broadway last season but returned this season as well with a record-breaking West End run at the Shaftesbury Theatre. Magic and illusion, in its highest theatrical form, is something I’ve loved to see more not only in the West End but on Broadway as well. It bends the theatre offerings but also brings a totally new audience into the experience of theatre as well. I look forward to hearing about IMPOSSIBLE’s London return this summer! (Thanks to Helen Maybanks for the production photos used!)

Luner on Theatre will keep you updated as IMPOSSIBLE returns to London’s West End once again and prepares to dazzle audiences through magic and grand illusion!

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