The Crucible Opens On Broadway

12605284_455133194677873_5634241137342863104_oAnother Openin’ Another Show! Broadway prepares to welcome another play revival officially into this season tonight as the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Arthur Miller’s birth, one of America’s greatest playwrights, continues. The Crucible finds itself on Broadway at an eerily particular time when one could argue the sense of community turning against one another is more relatable than ever as America finds itself more divided than imagined in the midst of the 2016 presidential election. Today, Luner on Theatre brings you the exciting news that The Crucible officially opens tonight on Broadway!

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible officially opens tonight at the Walter Kerr Theatre on Broadway following beginning previews earlier this season on March 1st, 2016. The revival is a limited engagement currently scheduled to appear on Broadway through July 17th, 2016. The Crucible returns to Broadway just in time for the 100th anniversary of Arthur Miller’s birth and on the heels of the critically acclaimed A View From The Bridge revival which also played New York earlier this season. The Crucible returns to Broadway having last been seen in 2002. The show, which premiered on Broadway in 1953 to negative and hostile reviews, is no stranger to revivals having seen them staged in 1964, 1972 and 1991 as well. The show won the 1953 Tony Award for Best Play despite its negative connotation.

Saoirse-Ronan-Oscars-2016Two-time Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan (Pictured Right) leads The Crucible back to Broadway starring as Abigail Williams. Co-stars leading the production with her include Ben Wishaw as John Proctor with Tony winner Sophie Okonedo as Elizabeth Proctor. Other leading roles include Ciaran Hinds as Deputy Governor Danforth, Bill Camp as Reverend John Hale, Jim Norton as Giles Corey, Tavi Gevinson as Mary Warren and Jason Butler Harner as Reverend Parris. The ensemble for the production includes Tina Benko as Ann Putnam/Sarah Goode, Teagle Bougere as Judge Hawthorne, Michael Braun as Ezekiel Cheever, Jenny Jules as Tituba, Thomas Jay Ryan as Thomas Putnam, Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Susanna Walcott, Elizabeth Teeter as Betty Parris, Ray Anthony Thomas as Francis Nurse, Brenda Wehle as Rebecca Nurse and Erin Wilhelmi as Mercy Lewis. Thanks to Jason Merritt for the photo right!

Ivo van HoveIvo van Hove (Pictured Left) helms the production as director having previously mounted Miller’s A View From The Bridge earlier this season as well. Hove is making his long-awaited Broadway debut this season with A View From The Bridge this past Fall and Crucible this spring. The production also features original music by Philip Glass. The rest of the creative team includes Jan Versweyveld as scenic and lighting designer and Wojciech Dziedzic as costume designer. Heidi Griffiths and Zoe Rotter are casting directors for the production. Scott Rudin produces.

MTE4MDAzNDEwNjI3NTYwOTc0The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller (Pictured Right) that follows the story of the Puritan town of Salem and the chaos that erupts following declarations of witchcraft. As fear and suspicion begin to spread, the town begins to unearth secrets of the past and long time resentments as they search to remove to axis of evil from their village. As the notice says itself, “When everyone is a suspect, sometimes the most dangerous threat to the community may be the community itself.”

Luner on Theatre wishes a Happy Opening to the entire company of The Crucible on Broadway! We are looking forward to checking out this exciting revival later this season on Broadway.

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