Sara Bareilles Makes Her Broadway Debut By Mistake

uZ25iKjAEvery once in a while, Broadway has one of those “live theatre” moments where the show must stopped as something doesn’t work just right. It might not happen often but when it does it always proves for an entertaining evening. That was the situation last night at the new musical Waitress where a technical hold managed to prove even more exciting than one could imagine. Today, Luner on Theatre brings you the exciting news that Grammy Award nominee Sara Bareilles made her Broadway debut last night stepping in to entertain audience members as technical difficulties halted Waitress!

Ce1gA2OXEAAwvR9Broadway’s Waitress musical came to a halt last night as technical difficulties during the first act brought to show to a halt for 30 minutes. While this does occasionally happen on Broadway during a preview in front of a live audience, many audience members usually simply sit and wait until the issue has been corrected understanding the situation. Except that is in the case of Waitress when your score is written by Grammy Award nominee Sara Bareilles. As technical difficulties brought to the show to a halt, Bareilles took to the stage to entertain the audience giving a mini-impromptu concert during the hold. Bareilles sang two songs which included Alan Menken’s “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid (<– Click to watch!) as well as “Down At The Diner”, a cut song from Waitress. Twitter user Catherine Trusko (@Catherinet_32) shared the photo right of Bareilles on stage.

Ce1hGZhXEAAPxWIBareilles managed to keep the audience entertained not only singing songs with the backup of the Waitress orchestra but taking selfies and more! Multiple videos of the impromptu-concert have surfaced online, mainly Twitter. Scenic designer Scott Pask tweeted from backstage revealing the technical difficulty dealt with the show’s automation. However, the cast and crew seems astonished nonetheless at Bareilles’ willingness to entertain. Previews on Broadway can be hectic for everyone. With a show that is consistently changing, script notes, song rewrites and various technical elements are consistently being worked and reworked in front of a live audience each night. All that being said, a occasional technical hold may occur such as this one. Twitter user Jules (@Julesss_ann) shared the photo left of Bareilles mid-selfie.

Click Here to Watch Sara Bareilles Sing during a “Hold” at Waitress

Luner Lowdown: As if Sara Bareilles’ fan base wasn’t already loyal enough, the Grammy Award nominated composer more than likely won over the heart of each audience member last night stepping up to entertain as a technical hold halted Waitress. A true sign of just how grateful Bareilles is for her fans and Broadway audiences who continue to fuel this show and it’s ticket sales, which proved very strong in its first weekend of previews for a new musical. While technical holds in front of audiences don’t happen very often for Broadway audiences, this truly proved as a memorable one for everyone at The Brooks Atkinson last night.

Luner on Theatre will continue to bring you the news from Waitress, Broadway’s newest musical, as it continues in previews and heads towards its opening night later this season! That includes any more impromptu-concerts by Grammy Award nominated composers as well! Thanks to Twitter user Lovira Ladiestiara (@lladiestiara) for the photo below!

More Waitress Information: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram


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