Stories From The Colonial: The Loo Where It Happens

Earlier this week, Luner on Theatre kicked off sharing exclusive photos and stories from Boston’s historic Colonial Theatre through the generous support and sharing of those with Save The Colonial! We’re thrilled to not only bring you an exclusive look inside this magnificent venue while sharing stories from our theatre history but rally support and promote an understanding of just how truly important this theatre is not only for Boston but the United States Theater Community. Today, Luner on Theatre continues its new series, Stories From The Colonial, created by Save The Colonial‘s story and photo features from Boston’s Colonial Theatre!


The Story Belonging To This Photo: “Most of the creative meetings on a new musical took place in the Colonial’s ladies’ room. In fact, if the walls of the ladies’ room could talk, they could write their own history of the musical theater for the last 50 years.” – John Kander

This table, according to Save The Colonial, is located in the ladies’ room lounge. During the tryout of Dancin‘ in 1978, Bob Fosse excitedly demonstrated one of his dance steps on top of the beloved onyx table chipping the onyx. Since then, future creative team members coming through the theater would touch the chipped area for good luck.

Luner on Theatre will continue to share the new story and photo campaign recently launched by The Save The Colonial Group on our blog now titled; Stories From The Colonial! We’re looking forward to not only bringing you photos of this historic theatre but also first hand stories from those who have worked there and experienced its magic first hand. Our fight to save Boston’s Colonial Theatre is still only beginning. Thank you to Save The Colonial for allowing us to share these stories and photos with our audience! Of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more! 



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