The Show Will (Not) Go On: All Broadway Shows Cancelled

CZa0tuvWYAA8jJNJust hours after we brought you the news curtains on Broadway would rise today despite a major winter storm barreling down on New York City and the Mid Atlantic region, Broadway went and changed its mind. Today, Luner on Theatre brings you the news that all Broadway matinée and evening performances are now cancelled for January 23rd, 2016 due to severe weather in New York City!

200px-The_Broadway_League_logoAs mentioned above, Luner on Theatre brought you the news less than two hours ago that all curtains were slated to rise on Broadway today despite a winter weather emergency being declared in New York City. However, when noon rolled around so did news that mass transportation shutdowns and a travel ban would be taking effect during the afternoon hours hence Broadway changing its mind. Disney led the charge announcing The Lion King and Aladdin would cancel all matinée and evening performances. And then just minutes later, final word came in from The Broadway League; All matinée and evening performances scheduled for January 23rd, 2016 on Broadway were cancelled.

Charlotte St. Martin, president of The Broadway League, released a statement explaining the change in previous decisions made and a plan to resume performances tomorrow saying;

“Now that the snowstorm has arrived, I’d like to reiterate that the safety and security of theatregoers and employees is everyone’s primary concern. As a result of the ban on travel in New York and the suspension of public transportation by government authorities and other safety precautions implemented on behalf of the weather, matinée and evening performances will be canceled today, January 23rd. We expect normal operations to resume for tomorrow’s Sunday matinees.”

As mentioned above, at this time Broadway plans to resume normal operations for Sunday January 24th, 2016 with all matinée and evening performances playing as scheduled. The decision to cancel all of today’s performances became official when a travel ban and suspension of most public transportation in New York took effect. Luner on Theatre will keep you updated on this news should it change.

However, with the decision to cancel today’s performances coming in so late, many performers and technicians had already made their way to the theatre. Pictured at the top of the article is An American In Paris‘ star Leanne Cope outside The Palace in Times Square! It also did not step hundreds of Broadway fans from showing up to try out lotteries or rush policies to get their hands on tickets for some of Broadway’s hottest shows at discounted prices. Check out the line below for Broadway’s Hamilton as hundreds of fans still showed up earlier this morning to try to get their hands on, arguably, Broadway’s hottest ticket!


Thanks to James Forbes Sheehan, associate producer of Fiddler On The Roof, American Psycho and China Doll on Broadway, for the photo above!

CZa_AiEWkAEwi33A video has also emerged online of the cast of Deaf West’s Spring Awakening performing outside in the snow for fans who showed up to the performance to try out for the lottery. Click here to watch the video! While the closing of Broadway today affects every show, it comes just 24 hours before Spring Awakening is slated to end its limited engagement on Broadway at The Brooks Atkinson. However, I do have to mention there is something incredible about this cast and their immediate decision to give back to the fans who still arrived at their theater today. It reminds me of how the 2006 original Broadway cast performed outside the theater for countless fans when the Local One strike shut down nearly all Broadway houses in 2007. Thanks to Twitter user @NewYorkCliche for the photo above to the left!

Luner on Theatre’s Twitter is giving LIVE updates all day long as Broadway shutters for the winter storm and plans a return to the stage tomorrow! Follow Luner On Theatre Here! As mentioned above, we will continue to keep you updated on the decision for curtains to rise on Broadway tomorrow. Depending on just how bad this storm plays out today, cancelled shows could continue into a second day. (Please note; Unless a photo is noted to be taken by Luner on Theatre, we do not own/claim ownership for any photos used in this post.) Catch up on the rest of Luner on Theatre on this snow day for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more! 



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