The Illusionists Return To Broadway Tonight

the-illusionists-large-643x441While Broadway itself is always filled with magic, The Great White Way is getting a boost for that reputation this holiday season as the best-selling magic show in Broadway history returns to New York City for a limited holiday engagement. Following on the success of its American premiere last season, the number one selling magic show in the world returns to New York City and takes up residence on Broadway as it prepares for audiences to witness the impossible once again. Today, Luner on Theatre brings you the exciting news that The Illusionists: Live On Broadway begins its Broadway engagement tonight!

29The Illusionists return to Broadway this season following much success last year during a limited holiday engagement! Previews begin tonight, November 19th, 2015 , at The Neil Simon Theatre with no official opening date. The show runs a limited engagement through January 3rd, 2016 only.  Last season, The Illusionists: Witness The Impossible, won over audiences and recouped it’s $1.75 million dollar investment in just over three weeks. The production was housed at The Marquis Theatre in Times Square and quickly became a staple for a changing diverse Broadway landscape bringing in more than just your typical Broadway audiences and families. The show continued onto a national tour throughout 2015 playing major cities across the United States and returns to Broadway as its second national tour, now titled The Illusionist: Live From Broadway, continues to travel nationwide.

11219423_720633524731216_9212832164649781291_nThe return of The Illusionists features cast seen in last year’s premiere and brand new illusionists and magic on stage! Returning as crowd favorites are Jeff Hobson; The Trickster, Dan Sperry; The Anti-Conjurer, Adam Trent; The Futurist and Yu Ho-Jin; The Manipulator. New to the cast are Jonathan Goodwin; The Daredevil, James More; The Deceptionist and Raymond Crowe; The Unusualist. The newest cast members (Pictured Left) were all featured earlier this Fall on America’s Got Talent giving just a brief taste of what their tricks and magic may include this season on Broadway.

Illusionists, The: ? Witness the ImpossibleMarquis TheatreI am so excited to see The Illusionists back on Broadway this season! Following much success last year, this is a fantastic mix of a production where magic meets theatricality on a large-scale. Magic shows or “variety” shows to this extent are common in Las Vegas but not New York. However, The Illusionists found it’s home very easy on Broadway last season bringing in families, young audience members and many who would not normally attend a Broadway musical or play. The show returns to Broadway at the perfect time as the holiday season, which packs tourists and many foreign visitors (some who have seen these performers in their home nations!), into New York City. While mentioning personal work is not something I’ve ever done on the blog, I must mention I had the privilege to work on this show last season and I cannot recommend enough everyone check it out. Dan, Adam, Jeff and Yu Ho-Jin are incredibly talented and gifted artists and bring so much joy to people through their tricks and illusions. It was not only a joy, but an honor to see what this show, and magic, can bring to audiences across the nation. I’m looking forward to seeing them back on stage with some old favorites and plenty of new magic that I’m sure will blow my mind. Trust me; you don’t want to miss this. Welcome back guys.

Don’t miss your chance to see the #1 selling magic show in the world as it returns to Broadway this season for a limited engagement! As mentioned above, you only have until January 3rd, 2016 to experience this true magic! The show is a great pick for those interested in magic and regular Broadway theater-goers interested in seeing something not always seen in New York on such a large-scale.  For more information, visit The Illusionists Official Website, Facebook or Twitter(Copyright Note; Unless noted, we do not own/claim ownership for any photos used in this post) And of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more! 


Photo by Luner on Theatre

Photo by Luner on Theatre

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