Harry Potter Magic Strikes As London Ticket Sales Begin

CR8Y2oUWIAAvZYUThe magic of Harry Potter is no joke! After selling 450 million copies of her books making it the best-selling book series in the world, with a value of over $15 billion dollars, it should have come as no surprise yesterday that tickets for the new Harry Potter play sent for London’s West End in 2016 sold like magic itself. With tickets not even on sale to the general public yet, the series has proved itself once again in the hearts of fans selling an astonishing number of tickets in less than 24 hours. Today, Luner on Theatre brings you the exciting news Harry Potter and The Cursed Child sold over 175,000 tickets during its first day of sales!

21156746Tickets for Harry Potter And The Cursed Child hit the market yesterday for those who registered for priority booking and sold out within hours. Tickets for the first period available, June 7th, 2016 through September 19th, sold out within hours before noon yesterday in London. Producers were forced to place a second period of tickets, running through January 8th, 2017, on sale which is reportedly nearly sold out as well. This is simply registered priority ticket buyers as well. Tickets have not gone on sale yet to the public and will not until October 30th. As of 7 PM last night in London, 175,000 tickets have sold already for the new stage drama sequel to the legendary Harry Potter book series. The production is set to premiere this July at The Palace Theatre (Pictured Above Right) in London.

Producer Sonia Friedman issued a statement yesterday following the large number of sales saying;

“At 7 PM this evening over 175,000 tickets had been sold for the play, which is unprecedented for a theatre production. On Friday (30 October 2015), when general booking opens, to ensure customers are given the best possible chance to obtain tickets the producers will be opening up an additional booking period, details of which will be announced in the next 24 hours.”

Essentially, Friedman has confirmed now a third booking period, beyond January 8th, 2017, will open up as well tomorrow for when ticket sales to the public officially begin. Dates for that period are expected to be announced today.

JK-Rowling-PhotosThe ticket hysteria comes as no surprise following the announcement of details regarding the highly anticipated stage production for the beloved book series. As noted, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is a sequel, essentially the eighth story, taking place 19 years after the deathly hallows. Harry, who works for the Ministry of Magic, is a husband and father to three children, is facing his latest challenge. His youngest son, Albus, is struggling with the weight of his family’s legacy he never wanted. Together, the family learns sometimes darkness comes from unexpected places as past and present fuse together. The production is written by J.K. Rowling (Pictured Above Left), Jack Thorne and John Tiffany.

171c8a0a-4b73-4873-bdcd-18d7c4c50e5eHarry Potter fans have proved themselves once again. However, I honestly cannot say I am surprised. This book series won the hearts of so many after its first book over a decade ago. When the announcement of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child first came about, many seemed hesitant yet excited for another addition to the series they love so dearly. But, with more recent news confirming the production as a sequel to the series itself, many are fighting to get what tickets they can whenever they can. London’s West End might have it’s very own Hamilton, with a show that could be sold out for close to a year before you’ll ever be able to see it. I’m looking forward to seeing how long tickets are extended on sale for the public and how well those sales do. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on that and more as, besides the production team, not much has been announced for the show! We’re looking forward to casting and more still!

Luner on Theatre will keep you updated as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child continues to make headlines even before it’s West End debut! We’re looking forward to learning even more about this show and sharing it with you as we highly await the next story about the boy who lived! Visit our previous coverage of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by visiting our London Lookout Page for West End Theatre coverage! For more information, visit Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’s Official Website, Facebook Page or Twitter(Copyright Note;Unless noted, we do not own/claim ownership for any photos used in this postAnd of course, be sure to check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know!




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