Disney’s Aladdin Will Fly Into London In 2016

ALADDIN279x238Get ready for A Whole New World London! Disney Theatrical has just announced that following it’s critical success on Broadway, another Disney production is slated to bow in the West End in 2016. Highly anticipated and long awaited, London is ready to make way for Prince Ali! Today, Luner on Theatre brings you the exciting news that Disney’s Aladdin will play London in 2016!

london_building_aw050507_300Disney Theatrical has proudly announced their current Broadway hit Aladdin will fly into London in early 2016! The show is set to play the Prince Edward Theatre (Pictured Right) where previews begin May 27th, 2016 before it officially opens June 9th. Disney’s Aladdin premiered in Seattle at The 5th Avenue Theatre in 2011. The show went on to receieve several regional and international productions throughout 2012 and in 2013 moved to Toronto for a pre-Broadway run. The musical premiered on Broadway at Disney’s flagship, the New Amsterdam Theatre on 42nd street, officially opening March 20th, 2014. The show received positive reviews and was nominated for five Tony Awards including Best Musical!

Trev-Genie-CropDisney also announced that Trevor Dion Nicholas (Pictured Left) will head to London making his West End debut starring as the Genie! Nicholas currently works on the Broadway production as the Standby for Tony Award winner James Monroe Iglehart. Full casting for the rest of the production will be announced at a later time! We believe Disney’s creative team that brought you Aladdin on Broadway will also transfer to London to continue the magic. That team includes seven-time Tony Award winner Bob Crowley as scenic designer, five-time Tony Award winner Natasha Katz as lighting designer, two-time Tony Award winner Gregg Barnes as costume designer and sound designer Ken Travis. All of this helmed by Tony Award winner Casey Nicholaw as director and choreographer.

Disney Theatrical president and producer Thomas Schumacher expressed his excitement as Aladdin heads across the pond. In a statement, he said;

“In 1992, Howard Ashman, Alan Menken and Tim Rice’s reimagining of the Aladdin tale became the biggest movie of the year around the globe. Now 23 years later, Casey Nicholaw’s production lifts a whole new audience and sends them home on air. We are thrilled to fly Aladdin’s carpet to London where the show has found its ideal home in Cameron Mackintosh’s stunning Prince Edward Theatre.”

aladdinprod4_1393433217We’re thrilled to hear that Disney’s Aladdin is heading to London’s West End in 2016! This production, which has won over audiences on Broadway since it’s first bow, is truly magical. Believe it or not, we actually just saw the Broadway production for the first time last week! It was INCREDIBLE! By far, not only one of the best productions Disney has ever mounted on Broadway but one of the only productions to ever grace Broadway with true magic. Simply spectacular. Disney goes above and beyond with their homework for this one. They not only remain true to the original story but honor the culture and traditions within Aladdin’s roots. I believe Disney’s Aladdin will not only succeed in London but thrill audiences as it brings theatregoers and Disney lovers to a new level with this brand new production. When Aladdin arrives in London, it will surely fit right in at the Prince Edward Theatre which was once home to Disney’s and Cameron Mackintosh’s Mary Poppins. Another Disney production which later would go on to bow on Broadway at the New Amsterdam, Aladdin on Broadway’s current home.

Click here for a Aladdin London Promo!

Luner on Theatre will keep you up to date as Disney’s Aladdin flies across the pond and into London! As mentioned, full casting will be announced soon and we hope to bring you a first look at the show on stage! We hope this show will bring as much magic to the West End as it has to Broadway in the short amount of time it’s been here! For more information, visit Disney’s Aladdin’s in London’s Official Website, Facebook Page or Twitter(Copyright Note; Unless noted, we do not own/claim ownership for any photos used in this post) And of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more! 



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