Trip Of Love Actor Takes A Trip Off The Stage

11095389_10153459327717435_3799822771282115584_nLive theatre; where anything can happen at any moment and you need to adjust accordingly. This isn’t the movies. There is no “cut” or “second takes” on performances. So when something happens during a production that isn’t suppose to, how do we react? While Broadway has managed to turn theatre and its many elements into a science, every once in a while we do find ourselves with an experience of something that wasn’t suppose to happen. Today, Luner on Theatre brings you the news that an actor in off-Broadway’s Trip Of Love fell into the orchestra pit during a performance!

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.16.00 PMThe incident occurred this past weekend at the new Off-Broadway musical Trip Of Love during the October 16th performance. According to the eye-witness account, during “It’s Not Unusual”, the actor/driver was on stage riding a Vespa when it turned and drove directly off stage into the orchestra pit of the theatre. The eye-witness account came from Victoria Huston-Elem, a theatre performer herself, who was attending the show. The production reportedly came to a halt in order to confirm the actor driving and musicians playing where the Vespa landed were not harmed during the incident. Luner on Theatre was able to locate a photo of a Vespa used during the production on the Trip of Love website. However, it is not confirmed this Vespa or actor specifically were involved in the incident.

Following the incident, the production released the following statement to Playbill;

“We’re very happy to report that no one was injured in the incident and that the show resumed several minutes later. We are grateful to the audience, who responded enthusiastically when the show resumed. The production is already taking measures to further ensure the safety of the company.”

Trip Of Love is a new musical created by James Walski that brings to life the American pop culture of the 1960’s! The musical pulses the energy of the sixties with some of the biggest hits including “Blowin’ In The Wind,” “Born To Be Wild,” “California Dreamin’,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’,” “White Rabbit,” “You Don’t Own Me” and more! The musical officially opened last night Off-Broadway at the Stage 42, formerly the Little Shubert Theatre.

130816153726-spider-man-dark-broadway-horizontal-large-galleryThe only irony of such an incident during the song “It’s Not Unusual” is the fact that it is not unusual for odd mishaps to occur during theatrical performances whether they be on a local high school stage or even Broadway. Community and high school productions are often the victim of odd incidents which only later end up going viral on YouTube. I mean, who hasn’t seen that production of Peter Pan where just about everything goes wrong? (If not, watch that link now!) Even Broadway shows are sometimes the victim of “live theatre” incidents. Most of the time, audiences would never know the difference. Sometimes the show is able to continue with it just being an odd moment for everyone who has worked on it for months and sometimes the show must completely stop. But nonetheless, the show always goes on! (Here’s a list of some Broadway accidents for those interested!)

Luner on Theatre is glad to hear no one was injured during this accident in Trip of Love Off-Broadway! Sometimes, we have found that such incidents (Remember the Hand To God Cellphone Fool?) cause astir in the press and brings even more audience members into see the production! We hope the rest of Trip of Love‘s performances prove safe for everyone, both on and offstage! For more information, visit Trip of Love’s Official Website , Facebook Page or Twitter(Copyright Note; Unless noted, we do not own/claim ownership for any photos used in this post) And of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more! 



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