Tony Time: 2015 Tony Award Wishes (Not Predictions)

tn-500_tony.jpg.pagespeed.ce.XwvPb-9R4kKf9n8LNnVKIt’s Tony Sunday! With less than 2 hours to go until Broadway’s biggest night, Luner on Theatre is bringing you two final exciting blog posts before the ceremony begins! But Luner on Theatre, what else can you possibly have to share in these brief hours before tonight’s award ceremony?! Our wish list and predictions of course! Luner on Theatre has started a new annual tradition taking a new spin on the Tony Awards and those nominated before we publish our official prediction list! Today, Luner on Theatre brings you our 2014 Tony Awards Wish List (Not Predictions)!

What exactly is our Tony Awards Wish List? This is something unique we have come up with here on Luner on Theatre and made it an annual tradition. We will have another full list which will be our Official Tony Awards Predictions for 2015. However, our wish list is simply who we would love to see take home the Tony Award in each category. Some of these may be close to our official predictions tomorrow but some of them will not be. We all are rooting on our own for specific people or productions for our own reasons so this is Luner on Theatre’s list!

Luner on Theatre’s Official Wish List for the 2015 Tony Awards:


Now they are probably a couple of things you’re looking at here going “But wait a minute Luner on Theatre!” Yes, we know. So allow us to explain. We’ve definitely tried to spread our love this season as we have seen so many of these nominated musicals and plays. Because to be honest, this season is just THAT good on Broadway. Of course though, we have fallen hard for some as opposed to others. The one thing we’d like to point out is our tie between Hand To God and The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime in not one, but two categories. First for overall Best Play and the second for its leading actor Steven Boyer (Hand to God) and Alex Sharp (Curious Incident). Both of these productions are outstanding. Both of these gentleman are doing incredible work. Simply, we could not decide. I am glad not to be a Tony voter for this reason. The rest we shall allow you to decide your thoughts upon!

Stick with Luner on Theatre after The Tony Awards! Following Broadway’s biggest night, we will have all the winners, news, recaps, photos and much more! Stay tuned not only for post Tony Awards 2015 coverage but any exciting Broadway news that may emerge at this year’s ceremony! For complete coverage, visit Luner on Theatre’s Tony Time Page! For more information, visit The Tony Awards Official WebsiteFacebook Page or TwitterAnd of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more! 


Luner on Theatre would love to see Something Rotten! win big Tonight!

Luner on Theatre would love to see Something Rotten! win big Tonight!

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