Wagner College Theatre Announces 2015-16 Season

Wagner_College_-_Theatre_Department_4_313561As the Wagner College Theatre 2014-15 season comes to an end, the department is already looking to next season and the productions it is set to produce as another school year begins! One might not expect to find one of the nation’s best college theatre departments on the small college campus located in Staten Island in New York City. However, with countless alums moving on work in professional settings around the country and in New York City, this college theatre department is putting Wagner College on the map. Today, Luner on Theatre brings you the exciting news that Wagner College Theatre has proudly announced its 2015-16 season!

Wagner College is a private liberal arts college located in Grymes Hill on Staten Island in New York City. The college is home to the nationally recognized Wagner College Theatre Department. Each year, the program ranks in the Top 5 Best College Theatre Programs in the nation via The Princeton Review. This past year, the program ranked #1 at the top of the list. The program produces alumni, in both its performance and technical concentration, that go on to perform in productions on Broadway, Off-Broadway, national tours and internationally.

CATS runs on the Main Stage through May 3rd!

Spamalot-294-XLThe Wagner College Theatre department produces eight productions a year with four in two separate venues. Four of these shows take place in the Main Stage Theatre while the other four take place in the Stage One Studio Theatre. The Main Stage is typically home to the larger productions which are usually musicals. Occasionally, Wagner has produced a play or dance concert on the main stage before. The Stage One Studio Theatre is for much smaller productions. This is typically where the straight plays and smaller dance works take place. This past season, Wagner presented Hello, Dolly! (Pictured Below), Merrily We Roll Along and Spamalot (Pictured Above Right) on the Main Stage while presenting The Thugs, Stop Kiss, The Dance Project 2015 and The 8th Wonder Of The World in Stage One.

The following shows have been announced for the 2015-16 Main Stage Season:

  • Damn Yankees (Running September 30th – October 11th)
  • The Most Happy Fella (Running November 18th – 22nd & December 2nd – 6th)
  • Iolanthe (Running February 24th – March 6th)
  • A Chorus Line (Running April 13th – April 24th)

The following shows have been announced for the 2015-16 Stage One Season:

  • The Dutchman (Running October 6th – October 11th)
  • The Tempest (Running December 1st – December 6th)
  • Commedia Dell’Arte (Running March 1st – March 6th)
  • The Dance Project (Running April 19th – April 24th)

Luner on Theatre plans to bring you news of casting, creative teams and more for the Wagner College Theatre season once they are announced!

achoruslineOf course we’re excited about the Wagner College Theatre upcoming season! From Shakespeare to Broadway classics, the season looks to be highly promising with another set of well-known productions hitting the stage! The first half of the Main Stage season sticks to 1950’s musical theatre with Damn Yankees and The Most Happy Fella. The spring semester on the Main Stage kicks off with Iolanthe, the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta first produced in 1882 in London, before moving to arguably one of the greatest musicals ever written about theatre, A Chorus Line. A diverse range of productions while the Stage One Studio season ranges form Shakespeare to a Commedia Dell’Arte work. The Dance Project is also slated to return to Stage One which is annual showcase for some of the department’s exceptionally talented dancers. All very promising!

Luner on Theatre will bring you coverage of Wagner College Theatre’s 2015-16 season as it unfolds! We’re looking forward to bringing you coverage of Wagner’s season ranging from casting news to photos of the productions! For more information, visit theDrama League Award’s Official Website, Facebook Page or TwitterAnd of course, be sure to check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know!



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