Luner on Theatre is Back!

07a409dc93b960c5777986daf11b03a2Remember Us? While our blog never plans to actually go offline for any amount of time, we do find it happens! Having entered the world of free-lance theatre work, we have found time to be quiet limited these past few months hence there being no blog posts for quiet some time now. However, enough is enough! We’ve missed covering theatre news and more importantly, we’ve missed you! Today, Luner on Theatre brings you the exciting news that following a lengthy hiatus, Luner on Theatre is back and better than ever before!

Welcome to our new blog site! Following our hiatus, we simply decided a normal return to the web just would not do. That being said, we’ve updated up our site! Our blog now features a brand new layout design, new color scheme and several new pages as we work to not only expand our coverage of theatre news but our content as well. Don’t consider anything final! Of course, we’re still working to finalize all of these design details but we wanted to get back up, running and even hear what you think about our new format in the process.

During the length of our hiatus, we have had time to work out ideas for several new projects that we will be announcing within this next week in several different blog posts! These projects range from new series we will be publishing, more theatre coverage outside of New York and more! We updated our blog mission statement, which can be found on our About Page, and are hoping not only to bring you theatre news as we did before but more topics that lead to discussion amongst those who are not working in the theatre industry but also the fans who support it as well. We’re looking to build a better theatre community and spirit not only in person but online as well.

So where exactly have we been? It has been a crazy ride since we last brought you a blog post on our site! As previously mentioned, we have entered the world of free-lance theatre work which has moved us around the East Coast and is currently moving us around the country! However, we are committed to bringing you theatre news you need to know no matter what our location is. For more information on where we have been, check out our brand new Staff Page!

So welcome back! We’re happy to be here and hope you’re happy to see us once again! Blog posts will begin again tomorrow and be sure to keep an eye out for those upcoming announcements we mentioned regarding our new projects and latest developments! And as always, we continue to grow and get better because of YOU! Our readers! If you have an idea or would like to make a suggestion, let us know! You can simply comment on ANY blog post we publish or email us directly if you’d like to speak to us in person. In the meantime, we encourage you to connect with us on all social media platforms as well! Ranging from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, we’re working to not only expand our theatre coverage here on our blog but on social media as well! Welcome back to the theatre blog that not only brings you theatre news you need to know but want to know and more!


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