HedWIG Goes Missing on Broadway

1.171149Talk about a hair cut! While Broadway has definitely seen its share of odd events here and there, this is definitely a new one!  How does that old saying go? If it’s not your prop, don’t touch it? Well maybe that new rule should also apply to wigs as it seems a bandit made off this past weekend with one of Broadway’s best known wigs from a Tony Award winning production! Today, Luner on Theatre brings you the news that one of the many wigs that helps bring to life Hedwig in Hedwig And The Angry Inch on Broadway has gone missing!

michaelhedwig07_444_377The New York Post has reported that one of the wigs (Pictured Right) worn by the title character Hedwig, in Hedwig And The Angry Inch on Broadway, has gone missing! During the musical, there is a climatic scene at the end where the character rips of his wig and throws it to the stage floor where it remains through the end of the show. Following curtain call each night, the crew immediately heads on stage to claim the wig. However, following Saturday night’s performance, there was no wig to be found. While nothing has been confirmed at this time, it is believed an audience member reached on stage and made off with it.

In a statement, lead producer David Binder warned the culprit responsible for the act;

“You do not mess with Hedwig’s wigs. I’m afraid for the poor person who did this, because Hedwig will find you — hunt you down, and do unspeakable things to you. Trust me, you’d better not wear it in the Village on Friday. She’ll snatch it right off your head, and if she takes a handful of your actual hair, I can’t be held responsible.”

Currently, Michael C. Hall is playing the title role in Hedwig And The Angry Inch on Broadway. He began performances on October 16th, 2014 and will continue through January 4th, 2015. Luner on Theatre first reported on Michael C. Hall’s return to Broadway!

Hedwig & the Angry InchBelasco TheatreHedwig And The Angry Inch first appeared on Broadway last spring beginning previews March 29th, 2014 and officially opened April 22nd at the Belasco Theatre. It was nominated for several Tony Awards and went on to win three including Best Musical Revival. The musical kicked off its Broadway debut withNeil Patrick Harris in the title role. NPH went on to win the 2014 Tony Award for his performance. Harris departed in late August and the title role was taken over by Tony nominee Andrew Rannells who appeared through October 12th. Hedwig first appeared on the stage Off-Broadway in 1998 downtown at the Jane Street Theatre where it played over 850 performances from 1998 through 2000. Originally, book writer John Cameron Mitchell starred as Hedwig.

Take a look at Michael C. Hall strut his stuff in Hedwig!

michaelhedwig06_444_396Is this even real? My first thoughts upon hearing the reports that Hedwig’s wig had gone missing were quite simply “Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!”. Could this even be possible? The simple answer is, yes. It very well could be some eager fan reached up on stage during the mass exit of the theatre to snag Hedwig’s hair and make off with it! While many of you may ask what one would simple do with such a do, I suggest you dare not question Hedwig fans and their loyalty to this production. Yet all at the same time, while not blaming the production, I do wanna say this is making for some excellent PR for the Tony Award winning Best Revival. Even if this event proved to be staged by the production and producers themselves, I wouldn’t mind and applaud their PR efforts. However, a show like Hedwig has been going steady since it’s debut last spring and has kept high ticket sales over, with occasional dips, as new stars have rotated into the role.

Luner on Theatre will be sure to keep you updated if any news comes of Hedwig’s missing wig! We’re actually quite curious ourselves to see what will come of this situation! However, if that wig does happen to turn up in the Village on Friday night, you may hear about it before we do! And of course, IF YOU SEE THIS WIG, please don’t hesitate to report it! Don’t miss your chance to see Michael C. Hall on the Broadway stage in a role like no other. For more information, visitHedwig’s Official Broadway Website,Facebook Page or Twitter AccountAnd of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more! 



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