The Hills Are Alive! New Sound Of Music Tour Will Hit The Road In 2015

the-sound-of-music-poster-artwork-julie-andrews-christopher-plummer-eleanor-parkerSo long, Farewell? More like Hello! Welcome back! One of America’s favorite pieces of musical theatre has just announced it’s setting a return date for the stage! While you may know this piece best from its film adaptation starring the incredible Julie Andrews, just about every American has seen or experienced The Sound of Music at one point in their life. And if they haven’t, the time has arrived.Today, Luner on Theatre brings you the exciting news that The Sound of Music will come to life in a brand new National Tour that is set to launch in September 2015!

79857NETworks Presentations in collaboration with the Rodger and Hammerstein Organization have proudly announced they will present The Sound of Music in a brand new national tour that will kick off in September 2015! NETworks producer Ken Gentry along side Rodger and Hammerstein president and executive director Ted Chapin (Pictured Right) announced the exciting news as well that the tour would kick off in Los Angeles and go on to play for multiple touring seasons as it plays multi-week and week-long engagements across the country.

Jack+O+Brien+Catch+Can+Broadway+Rehearsal+Itw63A7e13llBesides Los Angeles, no official list of cities has yet to be announced for the tour. Casting for the production will also be announced at a later time. Tony Award winner Jack O’Brien (Pictured Right) is set to direct the tour. At this time, the rest of the creative team includes Douglas Schmidt as scenic designer, Natasha Katz as lighting designer and Ken Travis as sound designer. More creative team members will be announced at a later point in time.

In a statement, O’Brien talked about his excitement for bringing to life this new project;

“The Sound of Music has been in our ears for decades, as it deserves to be: but it might be time to look once more, and more closely, at this remarkable work which, I feel, begins to reveal itself as deeper, richer, and more powerful than ever before. It’s no longer ‘your mother’s familiar’ Sound of Music we’re trotting out. We are tearing off the varnish of the past of one of the great, fresh glories of our theatre-going experience! This is an opportunity we’ve all longed to create!”

President and executive director Ted Chapin only added to O’Brien’s statement noting his excitement in the upcoming project as well saying;

“The Sound of Music continues to be the world’s most beloved musical. When Ken Gentry suggested a major national tour, I not only agreed, but was willing to roll up my sleeves and do whatever I could to make a new stage production that would re-engage today’s theatre-going public. The show was originally created for Broadway, and seeing it on stage only reinforces the power of the story and the score. And with Jack O’Brien at the directorial helm – well, we simply couldn’t do better. Landing somewhere between The Coast of Utopia and Hairspray (shows for which Jack won the Tony), his production will be smart, focused, and surprising. I can’t wait.”

The Sound of Music Live! - Season 2013The news of a brand new tour for the beloved The Sound of Music is such exciting news for the theatrical world! As both respected gentlemen mentioned above, this is one of the most beloved American musicals of all time. Made so iconically famous by its songs “Sixteen Going On Seventeen”, “My Favorite Things” and “So Long, Farewell” just to name a few, The Sound of Music has filled the hearts of theatre lovers and Americans since it’s debut in 1959. It has remained so popular that just last year, NBC produced a LIVE television event of the musical starring Carrie Underwood and numerous other stars. While you may not be a fan of classic Broadway musical theatre, it is hard to not be a fan of this fantastic work. I look forward to The Sound of Music relaunching on the road and I only hope I get the chance to experience this production the brand new take O’Brien and Chapin have planned for it!

Luner on Theatre will be sure to keep you updated on the upcoming national tour of The Sound of Music! A list of cities the show will visit as well as the casting for the production have yet to be announced so we still have plenty to cover. Until then, so long, farewell! For more information, visit The Sound of Music’s Touring Website on NETworks, NETworks Facebook Page or Twitter AccountAnd of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more! 



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