Tony Time: Nominations for Best Costume Design of a Play (Photos)

While actors create characters transporting us to different places and times through their words and actions, we wouldn’t believe a word they said if they were speaking to us in their every day outfits. The job of a costume designer is to design the wardrobe of the entire cast specific to each production. The designers must look at the fashion from this specific time period and figure out a way to recreate this on stage. Today, Luner on Theatre brings you a first look at the Tony nominated best costume designs for this year’s plays!

Jane Greenwood - Act One

Jane Greenwood – Act One

Rita Ryack - Casa Valentina

Rita Ryack – Casa Valentina

Jenny Tiramani - Twelfth Night

Jenny Tiramani – Twelfth Night

Michael Krass - Machinal

Michael Krass – Machinal

Aren’t these sketches just amazing? From the 1920’s to Shakespearian times, this year’s costume designers on Broadway have truly created some magic in their costume designs which have come to life in the many characters of their nominated productions. Visit Luner on Theatre’s Tony Time Page for all articles relating to this year’s Tony Awards Ceremony! For more information, visit The Tony Awards Official WebsiteAnd of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more! 


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