Is Miss Saigon Coming Back To Broadway?

poster Mackintosh is storming Broadway! He was best known in the 1980’s for invading Broadway with hits such as The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and Cats! However, Cameron Mackintosh has remained popular on Broadway long since the 1980’s helping still produce major productions on The Great White Way in recent years. However, with Phantom still running and Les Miserables celebrating a triumphant return, Mackintosh is looking to bring back some more of his well-known hits while the audiences are still looking to eat up these classics he is re-imagining and returning to the stage decades after their debut. So what’s next you ask? Today, Luner on Theatre brings you the exciting news that Miss Saigon may be headed back to Broadway in Spring 2015!

Two theatre executives broke word yesterday to the New York Times that Cameron Mackintosh is planning to bring Miss Saigon back to Broadway sometime in the near future. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the two executives mentioned Mackintosh plans to bring the musical back to New York if it receives strong positive reviews in London and a theatre, capable of holding the size of the production, opens up in New York. The two also mentioned Mackintosh would lead the musical first to Toronto before heading to Broadway for a bow as early as Spring 2015.  This is the same path Mackintosh led his new revival of Les Miserables on before it returned to Broadway this past spring.

33e09d47ce1c9b26edd1926e50c99439Miss Saigon returned to the West End this season and is currently in previews at the Prince Edward Theatre. The musical began previews on May 3rd and is set to officially open May 21st, 2014. The new production is directed by Laurence Connor and features musical staging by Bob Avian. Geoffrey Garratt provides additional choreography. The rest of the creative team includes Totie Driver  and Matt Kinley as production designers basing their work from the original concept of Adrian Vaus, Andreane Neofitou as costume designer, Bruno Poet as lighting designer and Mick Potter as sound designer. William David Brohn provides orchestrations for the production as well.

Click here to see Miss Saigon begin Previews in London!

cameron-mackintosh_1622583bThe Times reached out to Mackintosh for comment once word broke and the well-known producer quickly responded back stating the talk was “only speculative gossip.” However, he did go on to say, “Of course I would like to bring the show to both cities if it proves to be the success it’s shaping up to be..”. He mentioned though that bringing Saigon across the pond to Broadway would be no easy task. He mentioned he has already several productions, of several different titles, slated to open over the next two years around the world. Many of these productions also involve the creative team members of Saigon. Mackintosh went on to also point out that there are only several theatres on Broadway capable of holding the size of Saigon.  With all of those theatres currently booked, the earliest Saigon could come to Broadway is in spring 2015. However, not even that is definite.

Broadway_TheatreThe only theaters capable of holding Saigon’s size on Broadway are all currently booked. The Broadway Theatre, currently home to Cinderella, was Saigon’s original home on Broadway. (Photo from the original run is to the right) Also, the Winter Garden, currently home to Rocky, and The Lyric, soon to be home to the upcoming On The Town revival. However, Mackintosh’s standing in the Broadway theatre community among theatre owners is sure to book him a great house when the time for Saigon.

The idea of Miss Saigon returning to Broadway is one that makes me unbelievably excited! I absolutely love this musical. From the story to the music to the overall production that comes with it all, Miss Saigon is a show that belongs on Broadway. I think it has been gone long enough and a return at this time would be fitting as many shows like Cabaret and Les Miserable return hoping to bring in a new audience with a show many of us know of, but have never gotten to truly experience. Why I would love to see Miss Saigon return to its original home The Broadway Theatre, aiming for another house on Broadway wouldn’t be bad either. I could see the show doing perfectly well at the Winter Garden. Not to mention, can you imagine the poster Saigon would put up along Broadway? (The iconic larger than life poster over the theatre marquee). While the show could also fit into The Lyric Theatre (Previously the Foxwoods), I would fear this theatre is too large seating wise for Saigon. I wouldn’t want the show to have a theatre where they can’t fill seats. None the less, I do hope to see this show back on Broadway soon.

Only time will tell if Miss Saigon will fly back into New York onto Broadway sometime in the near future! We will be watching Opening Night of Miss Saigon, just one week from tonight, in London on May 21st to see how the critics react. A strong approval will only move the show closer to a second Broadway bow, the first revival since the iconic musical ended it’s run over a decade ago. For more information, visit Miss Saigon’s Official West End WebsiteAnd of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more!


Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre in London

Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre in London

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