Luner on Theatre Turns 3 Years Old Today

3-quick-tips-clients-buying-all-timeThe idea of a theatre blog was something that had interested me for months before I ever officially created Luner on Theatre. Once I came up with the idea, I found myself doing a lot of research into the best possible sites for the blog, ideas as to what I would name it and how exactly I would always have something to talk about to keep the conversation going. After a while, I thought people would stop reading and wanting to hear what some 20-year-old kid had to say about the theatre world and its news. The conversation which began 3 years ago today has not ended. If anything, it’s grown even larger than I ever expected. Today, Luner on Theatre brings you an exciting look back at our third year on the web covering theatrical news!

For those of you wondering if this is a serious blog post, indeed it is! Three years ago today, Luner on Theatre published it’s very first blog post. The post was our official review of Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway which at that time would probably be considered Spiderman .5 (We say this only because when we saw the production, there still was no finale written). However, Luner on Theatre was a work in progress far before any of that ever happened. We had considered the idea of a blog for quite some time after always interjecting our ideas, thoughts and opinions onto the daily theatre news coming through Playbill or Broadwayworld. Finally we decided a blog of our own. We created a mission statement, a word press site and three years later, here we are.

Over the past year, Luner on Theatre has worked to create even better coverage of Broadway news than we did in the past. We continued our London Lookout Series covering West End Theatre news and even managed to go down under beginning to cover some Australian Theatre as we can! We launched a brand new series titled Actions Through The Arts which stands up for and closely examines the new epidemic of productions being cancelled or altered around the country due to a lack of understanding and respect for the arts.

Some other highlights from our past year include;

  • Our blog was viewed 43,000 times!
  • We published 180 new blog posts!
  • We uploaded over 825 new photos!
  • Our blog was viewed in 150 countries and 6 continents around the world!

A very exciting year when you simply look at the numbers alone!

Luner on Theatre can be found on Facebook and on Twitter and is currently in the works of expanding our social presence even more. We hope to have more details and announcements on that for you soon and ask you stay tuned to our blog to follow for those updates.

thank-you-road-signThe most important part of this celebration of three years online is YOU! The people who read and support this blog whenever they can. From those of you who read our site every day to those of you who read it once a week, we appreciate your support more than we can express. You have inspired to keep writing, challenged us to expand our creativity and demanded only the best from us. We hope our blog is a site where we not only provide you with the best news but we provide you with something you want to come back to check daily to see how we are always growing, expanding and improving. Thank you as well to the various outlets that have helped us spread the news of our site even beyond what we can do daily. We appreciate your support and thank you for helping continue the conversations we create.

While we don’t want to say much, we do wanna say we aren’t getting comfortable! We are working on a couple of new ideas for the site and beyond that and hope to have some more details and announcements soon regarding various items related to Luner on Theatre. We ask you to stay tuned for that as we continue to launch our blog to the best possible site it can be for theatre news around the region, nation and world.

Thank you to each and every single one of you who has supported us not only over the past year but since our first blog post online! If you wanna give us the ultimate birthday gift, we have a couple of ways. 1) Share this site with your friends, family and people who love theatre. 2) Like Us on Facebook. 3) Follow Us on Twitter. Luner on Theatre is excited for our third year online and we hope to grow even more as this new year approaches filled with endless opportunities for us to provide you with the best theatre news you want to know. Stay tuned to everything we do here on Luner on Theatre and remember that we don’t only give you the theatre news you need but what you want to know and so much more!

Love Always – Chris Luner (Creator of Luner on Theatre)


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