Week In Magic: Upper Darby Summer Stage August 12th-16th (Photos)

Upper Darby Summer Stage celebrated its final week of its magical 38th season last week at the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center in Drexel Hill, PA. Luner on Theatre has been bringing you coverage all summer long and couldn’t forget to bring you our final Week in Magic blog post especially during the final week where Summer Stage was still working to make so much happen. So what all happened in the final week? The Week In Magic collects all of the Photo of the Day posts from that week at Summer Stage and brings you them in one blog post! Today, Luner on Theatre brings you our sixth and final blog post in the new series Week In Magic!


999105_10151764232895606_1317828735_nMonday: The final tech day of the summer may be cause for celebration! Each and every Monday, actors and technicians make their way to Summer Stage bright and early to tech the production that will be opening later that week. This final tech day for Willy Wonka Jr. proved to be the biggest one of the summer! Here, the assistant sound designer Amanda Hanna and musical director Dan Matarazzo work on music cues for the production.

1175285_10151766773725606_2084605435_nTuesday: The Harry Awards are coming! Summer Stage’s biggest and most celebrated night, The Harry Awards, make their way to Summer Stage each year during the final week of the summer. Children from all the productions are nominated in various categories, much like the Tony Awards, which are then voted upon by staff members. The night features songs, skits, jokes and memories from the entire summer bringing people to tears as the night goes on. Here, the 2013 children’s theatre staff talks through the opening medley this year which featured all of the show’s from this past summer in one giant number.

994332_10151768932385606_582960005_nWednesday: Dance Troupe and Cabaret work all summer long on dances and songs we never get to see until the final week of Summer Stage. The two may be the only programs that span the entire summer in rehearsal time. All rehearsals take place during that weird time frame of 4:45-6:15 each day. At the end of the summer, all of the dances and songs come together to make one giant showcase which features Summer Stage in a way most people never get to see. Here, dancers do the cup song before breaking out into a full tap number choreographed by Angela Wertner and Meghan Dietzler.

1175580_10151770766530606_1169523069_nThursday: The final photo of the day for Summer 2013! The final production of the summer, Willy Wonka Jr., played to 4 SOLD OUT houses during the last week of the Summer! The production proved to be the largest of the summer with 90 kids participating in the show and giant moving set pieces that helped bring to life the magical factory of Willy Wonka. Here, Willy Wonka himself, played by Scott Berkowitz, poses with his mom and dad as another fantastic comes to an end! It doesn’t get more magical than this!

1146492_10151773115185606_897114246_nFriday: While there is never a Photo of the Day on the last day of Summer Stage, the marketing team at Summer Stage wanted to send us off with one final image that couldn’t mean more to everyone who has ever done or experienced the magic of Summer Stage. Here, Harry Dietzler takes a moment out of the final day at Summer Stage 213 to remind everyone that The Magic Begins With You!

Click here to view the Entire 2013 Summer Stage Photo of the Day Album

Thank you so much for following Luner on Theatre’s coverage of Upper Darby Summer Stage all summer long! We are happy we could bring you new and expanded coverage like never before! Visit Luner on Theatre’s Upper Darby Summer Stage Page to see everything we’ve covered all summer long! While another magical summer has come to end, Luner on Theatre will continue to bring you the news of Upper Darby Summer Stage all year-long as news becomes available to us! All photos above were taken by Dan Luner. For more information, visit Upper Darby Summer Stage’s Official Website! Be sure to check Luner on Theatre on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter as well! We are constantly updating these pages with information! And of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know!






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