Week In Magic: Upper Darby Summer Stage August 5th-9th (Photos)

With less than two weeks to go at Upper Darby Summer Stage, there is still plenty of magic that needs to be taken care of before another summer comes to an end. This week, Summer Stage got the chance to experience a few items we never get until the very end of the summer! And there is even more to come this week with the final week of Upper Darby Summer Stage 2013 approaching. But lets not talk about that quite yet! What’s happened this past week at Summer Stage? The Week In Magic collects all of the Photo of the Day posts from that week at Summer Stage and brings you them in one blog post! Today, Luner on Theatre brings you our fifth blog post in the new series Week In Magic!

999511_10151749006425606_1973860613_n-1Monday: Mother knows best! The Upper Darby Summer Stage Rising Stars program is the stepping stone for young performers between the apprentice and children’s theatre program. Each year, the students get the chance to work on their very own 30 minute production learning the basics of theatre before performing one hour-long shows with the children’s theatre program. Here, the cast of A Disney Spectacular rehearse the villains medley!

1005775_10151751158370606_278524348_nTuesday: Things are getting dramatic! Upper Darby Summer Stage features six children’s theatre musicals and one mainstage musical each summer never leaving a chance for the more dramatic side of theatre to make an appearance. However, the Director’s Workshop program at Summer Stage does just that and more. Each summer, around 10 short one-act plays are chosen. Director’s are selected for them and actors audition. This gives actors the chance to work on more a dramatic piece rather than a musical and directors a first hand chance at directing a piece. Here, the cast of the 2013 One Acts are in performance featuring stories of humor, love and every day life.

549530_10151753362010606_1493993879_nWednesday: Upper Darby Summer Stage’s fifth show of the summer opened this week! What?! Along with this being the fifth show of the summer, it is also the fifth new production Upper Darby has produced this summer. A Year With Frog & Toad made its way into our theatre and won over the audiences! People left talking about the fantastic music, fun story and amazing actors! Here, the cast of Frog & Toad performs the Summer Stage song with Mr. Dietzler!

1011232_10151755408730606_666883769_nThursday: Before the magic of Upper Darby Summer Stage shows begin each week, there is already magic taking place right outside the Performing Arts Center. “The Greeters” at Summer Stage offer fun activities for patrons beginning about one hour before each show in the mornings. Each week’s activities is themed to whatever that show is as well. Here, the greeters of Frog & Toad help patrons make friendship bracelet’s before heading into to see one of the best stories of friendship around.

561521_10151757326390606_145243817_nFriday: This past Friday, Upper Darby Summer Stage said goodbye to its second session of Apprentices and Rising Stars for Summer 2013. Both programs which offer educational lessons in theatre are stepping-stones to the children’s theatre program at Summer Stage. Here, the final group of Apprentices practice their movement skills and tell stories of the fun summer they have had!

What another absolutely fantastic week for Upper Darby Summer Stage! Sadly, we only have one week left to go for Summer 2013. We hope you enjoy this new blog series we will now be bringing to you every single week through the end of Summer Stage 2013! This week especially brings you a new look into some aspects of Summer Stage we haven’t been able to share before! All photos above were taken by Dan Luner. Check out Luner on Theatre’s Upper Darby Summer Stage Page for more information and details! For more information, visit Upper Darby Summer Stage’s Official Website! Be sure to check Luner on Theatre on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter as well! We are constantly updating these pages with information! And of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know!

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  • Good clean fun… and a total imagination and creativity renewal. Looks like everyone is having a great time!

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