Luner on Theatre Launches New Email Account

327946_10150444052281954_575301953_9061039_2027352295_oHello everyone! It is so rare that we have a blog post on here that does not pertain to any theatrical news at all but when we do it’s usually regarding something exciting we have to announce or have been working on! As Luner on Theatre continues to work its way to provide the best possible theatrical news coverage for you, we are currently working in a variety of ways to make our blog more professional across the board! One of a few new items coming to our blog is here and ready to be announced! Luner on Theatre is very happy to announce we have created our very own official email address!

The new and official email address for Luner on Theatre is now:

If you are interested in sharing any theatrical news with us, please do so by emailing us at this new email address! We are more than happy to receive press releases, photos and more for our blog to review for consideration! We are already receiving photos and press releases from several theatre’s we are set to feature on our Blog! We are very happy to take this simple but needed step towards a more professional site that will not only allow you to experience theatre news you want but also bring you the best theatrical news possible. Please be sure to also check out Luner on Theatre on Facebook and on Twitter! We are constantly working to update these sites and will spread this exciting news to these forums as well! And of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more!


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