She’s Invincible: Rebecca Still Aiming for Broadway in 2013

rebeccathemusicalwestend[1]There’s a spirit lurking the streets of Broadway and it’s one thats been haunting the streets the past two years. Just as everyone had thought midnight had struck on the clock for Rebecca lead producer Ben Sprecher, yesterday Sprecher shocked the theatre world announcing that the clock had not yet struck midnight yet and he had some magic up his sleeve for Rebecca. Ben Sprecher has announced he is currently working towards Rebecca the Musical having an official bow on Broadway in 2013.

Rebecca the Musical features a original book and lyrics by Michael Kunzewith music by Sylvester Levay. The book has been adapted by two-time Tony Award winner Christopher Hampton. Hampton and Kunze have taken care of the english lyrics for the production. The story follows the life of Maxim De Winter as he and his new wife,  (‘I’) ,as they live in the home where his previous wife Rebecca still casts a shadow over the mansion. The musical comes off of the novel written by Daphne Du Maurier which was later turned into an Oscar Award winning film by Alfred Hitchcock.

Y-REBECCA1-articleLargeThis headline has heads turning. On January 2nd, lead Rebecca producer Ben Sprecher (Pictured Right) announced that he has been granted an extension of the rights to Rebecca for a American premiere by VBW. VBW is the holder of the rights and licenses all international productions of Rebecca. But just how long does he have? As the clock was ticking down to midnight on January 1st, 2013, Sprecher worked out a deal for a one year extension of his Broadway baby. He now has until December 31st, 2013 to gain the money he needs and stage an American premiere on Broadway.

rebecca-das-musical-2011-12-004As you may recall, Sprecher lost over 1/3 of the production’s $12 million dollar capitalization in late summer just weeks before Broadway rehearsals were set to begin. Mark Hotton, a Long Island businessman was arrested in the Fall for fabricating the final few investors whose money was responsible for the 1/3 lost. There was also word another investor was ready to step in with $4.5 million dollars and save the musical this past Fall but was scared off after an email bad mouthing Sprecher was sent to him. The FBI is involved with the investigation which continues not only regarding the alleged email but everything Mark Hotton also fabricated which includes the lives of several investors.

tumblr_mbt4gwjA3q1rzbh7xo1_500However, is the third time the charm for this Broadway bound musical? Sprecher noted that the show is more valuable then it was six months ago and now is a “wanna see event” for many people. The Broadway drama surrounding Rebecca actually gained the production $2 million dollars in international publicity. Due to the delays, the production will now run just above $12 million dollars. The set (A model is pictured above) and costumes are currently all in storage and between the prep, rights, pre-production and construction that has already taken place, there is already a bill of $5.5 million dollars there. The production is currently seeking to fill what is believed to be a $4.5 million dollar gap. Sprecher is still high interested saying investors for Rebecca stating,

“We’re open for investors. We’re committed to making sure that Rebecca gets produced on Broadway in 2013.”

Adding more momentum and optimism to the project? Sprecher also noted that the original creative team and design team for Rebecca are all still on board for a 2013 Broadway run. The 2012 cast, which was let go after the financial mishap, will most likely be offered their roles again if a 2013 run takes full shape. Also still on board are lead partner Louise Forlenza, plus David Mirvish, Dennis Grimaldi, Stage Entertainment, The Shubert Organization No official preview or opening dates have yet been announced.

Will Rebecca haunt Broadway in 2013? Only time will tell as this developing story continues to evolve in this new year. Let’s hope Ben Sprecher is also to find some final magic up his sleeve for Rebecca in 2013 and get the much awaited American premiere of the production going on Broadway. For more information, check out Rebecca the Musical’s Official Broadway Website. Be sure to check Luner on Theatre on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter as well! We are constantly updating these pages with information! And of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more!

The Broadhurst Theatre Stripped of the Rebecca Marquee

The Broadhurst Theatre Stripped of the Rebecca Marquee

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