We’re Back! Did You Miss Us?

423360_338517989517075_1915410260_nIn this crazy world we live in, it is so easy to find ourselves distracted from things we truly love and enjoy doing. There was no planned hiatus for Luner on Theatre this semester, but between epic amounts of class work, stage managing a production and trying to nail down a future internship for next semester, something had to give. Today, Luner on Theatre could not be happier to return to the web to be back bringing theatre news you don’t only want but need to know! But first, we want to share with you where we have been and now where we plan on going.

Picture 3Anyone in the theatre business knows the epic amount of work placed on a stage manager for any single production. Of course, this all completely changes when that production becomes a large scale Broadway musical that is just about epic in every single sense of the word. I attend Wagner College in Staten Island, New York and Legally Blonde was the second show of our semester. The process of working on this show was huge from the cast we had every night to the amount of scenes and songs we had to accomplish. Led by our fearless director Brian Patrick Murphy and choreographer Sara Sheperd, I cannot recall in recent memory getting to work with such an amazing production team that worked endlessly to finish such a large product with endless optimism day after day. We finished blocking the entire show and had a solid run of it on October 27th, 2012.

On October 29th, 2012, Hurricane Sandy slammed into New Jersey and New York causing massive damage to the region. One of the hardest hit areas of all was Staten Island in New York City. While Wagner lucked out in the end, the rest of Staten Island did not. After seeing the destruction that lay just at the bottom of the hill from where we were and loosing an entire week of rehearsal, it came to our realization this show had a very different purpose now. We were going to be providing entertainment to people in a time of need and that is exactly what we did. Legally Blonde opened to huge and sold out audiences at Wagner and proved to be one of the greatest show experiences of my life and many others. Every single person and element involved in this show seemed to have even more of a glimmer in the times following Sandy’s destruction in New Jersey and New York.

Click here to check out photos of Legally Blonde the Musical

Picture 5I also work for the theatre department at Wagner College which means I usually help out in some sense or another for the variety of shows the department offers throughout the semester. This past semester besides Legally Blonde, Wagner College Theatre presented Putting It Together, Spring Awakening and The School for Lies. All of them proved to be excellent productions proving just how top notch the college’s theatre program is, which usually rates in the Top 5 Best College Theater List’s from The Princeton Review. Next semester at Wagner, the theatre department will be presenting such blockbusters as RENT, Guys & Dolls, Five Women Wearing the Same Dress and The Dance Project. You can be sure to check back to Luner on Theatre for more information following those.

So where do we go from here? Luner on Theatre will return to it’s normally blogging daily as we usually do! However, we also wanna play catch up in a sense! We have lucked out with not too much happening this past Fall on Broadway. However, we wanna make sure we bring you anything and everything you may want to know about! So for the next few days or even the next week or so, Luner on Theatre will be bringing you at least two blog posts a day with coverage of currently Broadway news and this past Fall as well. We hope this helps you catch up on anything you may want to know about as well as refresh you on anything you have had the chance to experience.

So Welcome Back! We are happy to have you all back here on the blog reading our posts, checking out the photos and supporting theatre as a whole! As we said, be sure to check back constantly over the next few days as we play catch up for this past unplanned hiatus we recently had. We also have a few new exciting projects coming up that we will be able to share with you in just a little bit! For the time being, FOLLOW US ON TWITTER and LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! We are updating these pages constantly with information! Be sure to check those out and follow us here for all the theatre news you don’t only want but need to know!

Picture 4

Legally Blonde at Wagner College!

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