Rebecca will Begin Broadway Rehearsals October 1st

In the only news it seems people want to talk about lately, Rebecca the musical is making headlines again it seems but this time for all the right reasons. In what seems to be the most epic financial showdown of money on Broadway since Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark, some hopeful news came from producers of the new musical trying to haunt Broadway but only seeming to haunt itself. Luner on Theatre has learned that cast members have been notified that rehearsals will begin this Monday, October 1st, 2012. The dream of Manderley is back on for Broadway.

While it seems the producers of Rebecca haven’t made their way out of the fire yet, the smoke is beginning to clear as the Broadway production begins to take shop this coming week. Luner on Theatre brought you the news earlier this week of the Broadway production finding the funds it needed to hit the Great White Way this Fall. However, lead producer Ben Sprecher announced he would not begin rehearsals for Rebecca until the money ($4.5 million dollars that is) was in the bank and secured. And whether it is not yet known if Mr. Sprecher has the $4.5 million dollars he needs, it is assumed he will have that money for Monday when the show begins rehearsals.

The cast of Rebecca was notified today by their production stage manager, Tripp Phillips, via email that rehearsals for the show would begin Monday October 1st, 2012. The show will be rehearsing at the New 42 Street Studios.  The email the cast was sent contained the following information;

“Ladies and Gentlemen: This is to officially notify you that the first rehearsal for Rebecca will be next Monday, October 1 at 10:00 AM at New 42 Street Studios, 229 West 42nd Street, 7th Floor. Closer to next Monday, I will be sending you, via email, a detailed rehearsal schedule for our first day. I can tell you that the rehearsal day will be 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, with lunch the first day from 12:30 to 1:30 PM (an early lunch for the first day only). The lunch break will usually be from 1:30 to 2:30 PM. I look forward to seeing you next Monday morning at 10:00 AM. Thank you and all the best, Tripp.” (Playbill)

Currently, lead producer Ben Sprecher or a spokesperson for the show are declining to take phone calls, emails or comment on this latest news.

Rebecca has seemed to find its way into the spotlight this week not only regarding the money issues the show is facing but regarding the existence of the producer who died who in August responsible for over 30% of the show. Paul Abrams is the name put forth by lead producer Ben Sprecher who was apparently from London. Luner on Theatre is currently working on a special article regarding this topic and ask you to check back for it later this week as we explore the insane details behind Rebecca’s missing producer.

Despite the still clearing smoke of Rebecca, it seems as though cast and creative team members are itching to working on this new production. Cast members not only confirmed that rehearsals would begin on Monday but shared their excitement as well. Cast member Howard McGillin was quoted as saying “We all believe in Rebecca.” As well as Nick Wyman, who is a cast member and the current president of Actor’s Equity Association, said the following;

“No one has said the words to me that the money is in the bank, but I would bet on the show taking place. Does he have the money right now? I don’t know. Will he have it by Monday morning? I bet he will. He has been confident that we’ll have the money.” 

Luner on Theatre is very happy to see some of the final details coming into place for Rebecca the Musical coming soon to Broadway. Stay tuned to our blog as we continue to cover everything you need to know about this show and more! Be sure to check back for our special article regarding the existence of Paul Abrams, the missing producer of Rebecca. For more information, check out Rebecca the Musical’s Official Broadway Website. Be sure to check Luner on Theatre on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter as well! We are constantly updating these pages with information! And of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know!

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