Will Rebecca Haunt Itself Before It Ever Haunts Broadway?

Broadway’s biggest new musical may haunt itself before it ever haunts the Broadway stage this season. Rebecca the Musical, originally planned for the Fall 2011 theatre season, vanished from sight last year after financial troubles arose and the money needed for the production was no longer available. However, shortly after that announcement came another that the musical had gotten its funds together and was back on track for the Fall 2012 theatre season. However, it seems as though once again Rebecca the Musical has found itself in financial trouble delaying the entire productions start by two full weeks.

Rebecca the Musical features a original book and lyrics by Michael Kunzewith music by Sylvester Levay. The book has been adapted by two-time Tony Award winner Christopher Hampton. Hampton and Kunze have taken care of the english lyrics for the production. The story follows the life of Maxim De Winter as he and his new wife,  (‘I’) ,as they live in the home where his previous wife Rebecca still casts a shadow over the mansion. The musical comes off of the novel written by Daphne Du Maurier which was later turned into an Oscar Award winning film by Alfred Hitchcock.

While Rebecca hasn’t even begun rehearsals yet for it’s Broadway debut, delays in the production are already becoming too familiar. This is now the second delay the production has received due to a financial issue. This one comes after the death of a “major investor” who was responsible for $4.5 million dollars of the $12 million dollar musical. That means that Rebecca is now short over 1/3 of the money it needs.  Ben Sprecher, another lead producer of Rebecca, left for Europe on sunday to help negotiate the estate of the now deceased producer. So what exactly now is Rebecca‘s plan?

As for right now, everything involved in the production has been delayed for two full weeks. Rehearsals, which were set to start this past Monday, will now start September 24th. While the original date for beginning previews was October 30th with an official opening set for November 18th, new dates for both the beginning of previews and Rebecca‘s official opening will be announced soon. Also, the load in of the set (which is already built by the way specifically for the Broadhurst Theatre) is also now delayed for two weeks. However, this overall delay to the production in general could be the final death for this Broadway production. What do we mean exactly?

The last time Rebecca announced a delay in their production, it cost them their leading actor and actress’. Many of the original cast was able to stay but some big stars were lost in the first delay. Sierra Boggess was one of those originally attached to the production. With a second delay and a major possibility of the funds not coming through, the indefinite postponement or cancellation overall of Rebecca on Broadway is a major possibility. Producers are working frantically to make this Broadway vision a reality but are having trouble doing so.

Rebecca‘s producers released the following statement along with the announcement of the delay;

“Since the tragic and sudden death of a major investor in early August, we have been working with the representatives of the estate to complete the committed investment. We had been reassured that the commitment would be honored, and have tried day and night to finalize this matter, but as of yet have been unable to do so, which has left us no choice but to delay the start of rehearsals for ‘Rebecca’ by two weeks. We are fiercely committed to resolving this issue as soon as possible and getting the production back on track in two weeks.”

Since the latest delay in production, Rebecca has announced their new stars leading the cast. The cast now features Jill Paice (The Woman in White) as I”, and Ryan Silverman (The Phantom of the Opera) as her husband, Maxim de Winter. Much of the rest of the cast remains the same and will be announced by Luner on Theatre at a later point in time.

So will Broadway’s musical haunt itself before it ever gets the chance to haunt Broadway? The possibility exists. But Luner on Theatre hopes that the financial issues do end up working out for Rebecca and the production can make it’s way to Broadway this season with just two weeks delay. For more information, check out Rebecca the Musical’s Official Broadway Website. Be sure to check Luner on Theatre on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter as well! We are constantly updating these pages with information! And of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more!

Can Rebecca handle the heat of Broadway?

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