Forbidden Broadway Returns to New York; Alive and Kicking

Broadway is dead so the saying goes. However, it seems to many that “Broadway has been dying” for decades now. A scary confirmation of of that though came in 2009 when Forbidden Broadway, the show that spoofs Broadway shows, called it quits and closed up shop back in 2009 proving that there was just truly nothing left to make fun of. At last, after 3 years of a hiatus it seems as though the spoofers have returned and so have the jokes this time better then ever. Tonight, Forbidden Broadway; Alive and Kicking returns to Off-Broadway and the New York Theatre scene.

Forbidden Broadway is a popular theatre production seen Off-Broadway that quite literally spoofs current and past Broadway productions. This most recent edition comes to life with a new cast and creative team after a three year hiatus from New York. With that being said, this production is called Forbidden Broadway; Alive and Kicking! This production also happens to mark the long running musical’s 30th anniversary. Several shows that audience members can expect to see spoofed are Porgy and Bess, Once, Evita, Anything Goes, Follies, Spider-Man, Newsies, Book of Mormon, Nice Work If You Can Get It and Death of a Salesman as well as many other productions.

The production first began previews back in July and has been working in new material since then. The production officially opens tonight at the 47th Street Theatre where it will run until January 6th, 2013. The fresh new cast features Jenny Lee Stern, Natalie Charle Ellis, Scott Richard Foster (Brooklyn, the Musical) and Marcus Stevens. Marcus Stevens is also a alumni of Upper Darby Summer Stage, a program that Luner on Theatre is very familiar with and features frequently here on the blog! We have had the chance to work with Marcus personally on a variety of projects and could not be more excited for him tonight in his Off-Broadway debut in New York.

Heading the creative team behind the remounting of this production is Gerard Alessandrini. He is responsible for writing the book and directing the production along with Phillip George. The production features musical direction by David Caldwell. When it comes to the technical aspects of the show, costumes are designed by Philip Heckman with set design by Jesse Poleshuck, lighting design by Mark T. Simpson and a wig design by Bobbie Cliffton Zlotnik. The production is being produced by John Freedson, Harriet Yellin and Paul Bartz, in association with Paul G. Rice, Carol Ostrow, Paxton Quigley, Robert Driemeyer, Jamie DeRoy, Lawrence Poster and Tweiss Productions.

When recently asked about the remounting of the famed spoofing production, Gerard Alessandrini said the following;

“Over the past three years, I sat through show after show, with no outlet at all. Finally, I couldn’t take it any more. Now I have three years’ worth of pent-up parodies, and am blessed with a season that has practically written itself. We were able to get our favorite Forbidden Broadway theatre again, but only for a limited chunk of time. But that should more than long enough to say everything we have to say, and then come back to New York again, from time to time.”

Luner on Theatre is definitely planning on checking out and officially reviewing Forbidden Broadway; Alive and Kicking at some point in the near future! We are very excited and happy to see the spoofers back in New York as well as one we know personally and are beyond proud of!

If you love spoofing or poking fun at some of your Broadway favorites, make your way to the 47th Street Theatre and check out the 30th anniversary of Forbidden Broadway with this new production! Performances are Tuesday-Saturday at 8 PM with a matinee on Saturday as well at 2 PM. Sunday performances begin at 7:30 PM. For more information, check out Forbidden Broadway; Alive and Kicking’s Official Website! Be sure to check Luner on Theatre on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter as well! We are constantly updating these pages with information! And of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more!

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