Wagner College Theatre’s Brian Krinsky Books Beauty and the Beast National Tour

Each year, Wagner College graduates hundreds of students from the liberal arts college located  in New York City. Around 30 graduates of that class each year are members of the nationally accredited theatre program and from that pool comes various success stories. Today, we are here to bring you the latest one. In honor of the tour kicking off, Luner on Theatre brings you the story of Brian Krinsky, a graduate of the class of 2012 who booked the national tour of Beauty and the Beast.

Brian Krinsky hails from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the Wagner College class of 2012. Brian’s process to book the Beauty and the Beastnational tour began back in March when he first auditioned for this production. Between March and May, Brian found himself being called back time after time. In total, Brian was called back 10 times before officially being told he had officially gotten the job. In the national tour, he will be playing a character enchanter object as well as a towns person. However, Brian has also booked the job of being the understudy for both Gaston and the Beast. A major achievement for someone his age.

Just to name a few, a couple of the cities Brian will be visiting on his tour include Orlando, Hershey, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Houston, Louisville, Clevland, Minneapolis, Toronto, Ottawa and Ontario. His tour kicks off officially tonight in Toronto. When we asked Brian what he was most excited about for his national tour, he told us;

“I am so excited to get out and see the country in the some of the biggest cities. Also, I cant wait to perform in amazing venues and get the chance to play 2 dream roles”

Brian as Horton in at West Chester Broadway Theatre

While at Wagner in the theatre program, Brian was lucky enough to be involved in various productions. Some of these productions included Three Penny Opera (Messanger), Brigadoon (Stuart Dalrymple), Little Women (Prof. Bhaer), Jesus Christ Superstar (Caiaphas), My Fair Lady (Henry Higgins) and Urinetown (Officer Lockstock). However, when we asked Brian what his favorite was, he said it would be a toss up between My Fair Lady playing Higgins and Urinetown playing Officer Lockstock. When we asked Brian “How has Wagner College Theatre helped you?”, he answered;

“Wagner set the foundation with all the basic acting classes and then progressed as I worked on shows and continued to learn about being an actor and the craft. [I] owe alot to the program helping me through and teaching me what this business is about”

I am only sure Wagner College Theatre is thrilled to add Brian to their already long list of successful alumni!

Brian makes his North American national tour debut tonight in Toronto kicking off the Beauty and the Beast national tour! From Luner on Theatre to Brian, we wish you much luck and many broken legs as your journey begins! Be sure to see is Brian is coming to a city near you on his national tour! For more information, check out the National Tour of Beauty and the Beast’s Official Website. Be sure to check Luner on Theatre on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter as well! We are constantly updating these pages with information! And of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more!

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