T’was The Night Before Summer Stage

T’was the night before Summer Stage, and all through the theatre

Everything was up and running, yes even the heaters

The audition cards were piled on the shelves with care

In knowing creative staff’s and children would soon be there


The children were nestled all snug in the beds

With magical Summer Stage stuck in their heads

And Mama with her band-aids and cookies galore

Prepared for the onslaught of visitors at her door


Costumers sat designing clothes and the hair

While everyone sat trying to quickly prepare

Papers left and right, Schedules being made

It seemed as those chaos would never truly fade


The unit set rose right out of the floor

With levels and platforms and lots of trap doors

The lighting was set and the theatre was dark

And we all sat prepared for that summer stage spark


Who knew what this year of magic could hold

With thousands of tickets already sold

Yet everyone knew the audiences would cheer

After remembering Summer Stage’s 36th year


Dora and Tom Sawyer will kick off our year!

And then before you know it, a cat will be here

An orphan and pirates then come quick soon!

A Disney Spectacular? I hope theres balloons!


Back in time to the 60’s we go

With Tracy Turnblad and all her negroes

Dance Troupe, Cabaret and One Acts galore!

It seems there is so much magic in store!


DUN! Goes the song and here we go again

Summer Stage my friends is about to begin

Are you ready to see something amazing? Don’t leave!

You haven’t seen any of the magic of up our sleeve


So here we go again as summer 37 is here!

I know you’re excited! Let me hear your loud cheer!

And we’ll fill the world with love our whole life through

Cause Summer Stage’s 37th Season begins with YOU!

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