Tony Time: Will Plays Grace the Stage at The Tony Awards this Year?

The Tony’s are coming! The Tony’s are coming! The clock is counting down faster then ever to this year’s 2012 Tony Awards celebration and Luner on Theatre still has so much to cover with our epic Tony Time series! But, this is a totally unplanned blog post and has come about after we received word of this late rumor! And no, its not a Luner Rumor! Luner on Theatre has learned that this year’s Best Play nominations may be making an appearance at this year’s awards ceremony to perform.

Neil Patrick Harris, who is set to host this year’s Tony Awards ceremony, has revealed he wants to get some of this year’s Plays that are nominated on stage right up next to those musical numbers for performances. He has been quoted sa saying:

“I’m really trying this year to figure out a way to get performances by plays somehow in the show. Every year you focus mostly on the musicals, because that’s what’s easier to put on the stage, like a three-and-a-half-minute number from Anything Goes. But with so many amazing James EarlJoneses and Stockard Channings, we’ve got some amazing, monologue-talented people that I want to showcase the plays in a legitimate way.”

At the Tony Awards each year, usually performances by the Tony nominated Best Musicals and Best Revival of a Musical will perform a number from their show. At one point in time, plays did receive a performance slot but as time has gone on it has been changed to a variety of things. There was also a point where video clips of the plays were show but that has now also been removed. Many times, the people voting and present at the awards ceremony, have seen all these pieces already. Also, CBS knows musical numbers will keep the audiences more focused rather then a scene from a play. However, Neil Patrick Harris wants to changed things up this year it seems.

If there is ever a year to change things up on Broadway when it comes to featuring Plays, this is the year! A fantastic season of plays is currently playing Broadway with a variety of legendary actors as well as a few new pieces to the New York theatre scene which have absolutely scored all around. Some of these pieces include Peter and the Starcatcher, Clybourne Park, Other Desert Cities, One Man, Two Guvnors, Gore Vidals The Best Man and Death of a Salesman just to mention a few.

However, with no official confirmation yet, we will have to wait till later this week to see how Neil Patrick Harris and the American Theatre Wing decides to work in Plays into this year’s Tony Awards agenda. Let’s hope though we get the chance to experience some of this year’s fantastic performances live during the Tony Awards. Check out Luner on Theatre’s Tony Time series with everything you have and haven’t thought of when it comes to the Tony Awards. For more information, check out The Tony Awards Official Website. And of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more!

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