The Last Five Years will Receive Off-Broadway Revival

A Miracle Would Happen and it seems it has in New York. The New York theatre community has learned of some very exciting news. Isn’t it always glorious when a show is revived that people are thriving for? That seems to be the case here. As of yesterday, we have now learned that the musical The Last Five Years will return to Off-Broadway in 2013 at Second Stage Theatre.

The Last Five Years is a musical by Jason Robert Brown. The musical follows a couple, Jamie and Cathy, over a period of time as we watch their relationship in a totally new twist sort of way. Cathy starts at the end of their relationship, Jamie starts in the beginning, they meet in the middle and the rest is just crazy. We see them at their highest and lowest points as well as when they are closer then ever and couldn’t be more far apart. The musical is based off of Jason Robert Browns failed relationship with Theresa O’Neill. She threatened to sue him because of the story similarities once the show took off.

Jason Robert Brown

The journey of The Last Five Years began over a decade ago. It all started in Chicago in 2001 at the Northlight Theatre where the production ran for a two month period. The production starred Lauren Kennedy as Cathy and Norbert Leo Butz as Jamie. However, due to a previous engagement in London, Kennedy was replaced by Sherie Rene Scott over time. The production transferred to Off-Broadway in March 2002 playing at the Minetta Lane Theatre. It closed there two months later. There have been hundreds or productions since this one across the United States and regionally as well. Both Scott and Butz voices appear on the casting recording which many people know.

As if The Last Five Years returning to Off-Broadway wasn’t exciting enough, Second Stage has announced that Jason Robert Brown himself with direct this production. This clearly has mounted even more excitement towards the upcoming production.

Also, not too far back ago, Jason Robert Brown mentioned not only that there was a movie adaptation of his piece in the works but also that he was trying to bring The Last Five Years to Broadway. A solid Off-Broadway run of The Last Five Years could become a sealed deal for a Broadway run of the show afterwards. Is this a possibility? Well of course it is! But I think only time will be able to tell if we this production is Broadway bound.

I’d also just like to mention how much I personally enjoy The Last Five Years. You have all this classic love stories, many of which begin and end the same, and then you have a piece like this. Two different sides and two totally different approaches to a relationship. That sounds like something that couldn’t be more true. I truly appreciate how unique this show and in that respect, am beyond looking forward to this piece returning to the New York Theatre scene.

No dates or casting information yet has been announced for The Last Five Years. However, once it is you can surely expect Luner on Theatre will be bringing you that news right here! Until we ourselves receive more information, for the time being check out Second Stage Theatre’s Official Website. Also, you can LIKE The Last Five Years on Facebook. And of course, stick to Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and so much more!

Second Stage Theatre – The Last Five Year’s New Home

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