Potted Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience is Authorized Wicked Fun Off-Broadway

Witches and Wizards and Spells! OH MY! If you have ever read a Harry Potter book, seen a Harry Potter movie or even in the slightest way consider yourself to be a Harry Potter fan; wicked fun is brewing Off-Broadway at The Little Shubert Theatre. A fantastic new show titled Potted Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience is currently playing there and while this show is completely unauthorized when it comes to Harry Potter itself, this show is authorized glory and an experience all should have Off-Broadway in New York City.

Potter Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience is a show written by Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner takes the seven Harry Potter books and somehow manages to condense them into a 70 minute production somehow, 10 minutes per book it seems, complete with a real life game of quidditch as well. This theatre is literally turned upside down and  thrown around in the craziest most absurd production off-Broadway production to get life yet in New York City. This is an experience on will not forget.

Enter Dan and Jeff. Yes, the two writers of the production. They perform the show they wrote which adds to the hilarity of it all and most definitely allows for the rules to be bent whenever they seem fit. But one might ask, how do 2 performers make up the 360 characters and more represented in the Harry Potter book series?! Well, sit back, relax and prepare to be gasping for air you’ll laugh so hard. The show manages to mock everything Harry Potter and more even poking some fun at the bigger Broadway shows right up the block. And if you were still wondering how these two men were going to cover every single Harry Potter character, its easy. Jeff plays Harry Potter and Dan plays everyone else.

Jeff Turner, who stars as Harry Potter in this show, is the knowledge behind it all. Knowing the Harry Potter books inside and out, he leads the show telling the audience what he thinks is worthy of their knowing. While Dan brings to life various aspects of the show behind him, he occasionally stops the show to bring Dan back in line when the nonsense gets a little out of hand. But have no fear, he will have you laughing as he tries and most definitely fails to control his partner Dan through out the show.

Daniel Clarkson, who stars in this production as everyone in the Harry Potter books BUT Harry Potter himself, is downright hilarious from beginning to end! Creating character after character, he never ceases to amaze the audience with his downright hilarity and trait to be absurd.  He gets his never ending wish throughout the show to play Quidditch with the audience which proves to not only be a good time for the crowd but a great time to poke fun at everyone in it at well. He does not hold back in any one character and isn’t even afraid to laugh at himself from time to time as he adds things never done before.

While it is mostly the two writers and performers who represent this show and its quality, we do have to just mention how absolutely fun it is. Downright hilarious from beginning to end, more shows Off-Broadway should aim for an experience like Potted Potter. The show is one of a kind, unique and an absolutely pleasure to experience. If I had the chance, I would go back again and again as it never promises to be exactly the same. Even Jeff and Dan break at times laughing at their new jokes or gags being tried out right before you. And while one would usually point a finger at this and say “unprofessional”, in this show it will actually only get you laughing more. There is clearly no fourth wall in this production and that is what makes you feel so attached to this show because it not only invites you to watch it but also invites you personally to join in on the fun.

They also play to the absurd factor in the show through their use of sets, props, lighting and music. Set pieces such as a train (The Hogwarts Express), coffin, wardrobe (to get to Narnia of course) and picture of a beach with a palm tree (labeled Forbidden Forrest) make up the set and appear to provide cover for the various pieces used through out the show. Music from epic choral arrangements help introduce elements such as quidditch or a nice rap beat will help close out the show. Insane lighting and a classic disco ball are used through out to keep you wondering through out the entire show, “Just what exactly is next?”. You never seem to know with these two gentlemen and that is exactly what makes Potted Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience just perfect in every single way possible.

Potted Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience will be playing at The Little Shubert Theatre Off-Broadway for a limited time only! I not only suggest you try to see this show, I suggest you make it happen. Witch, Wizard or Muggle, you will truly enjoy a theatrical experience one is not to forget. The Little Shubert Theatre can be found at 422 West 42nd Street in New York City. For more official information, check out The Official Potted Potter Website. And of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre all your theatre news you don’t only need but want to know and more!

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