Say Hello to the Faces of Tomorrow; The Orphans of Annie (Photos)

Tomorrow is looking like a brighter day on Broadway! And a whole lot more adorable! With the Fall 2012 upcoming revival of the well known musical Annie, Luner on Theatre will be bringing you the coverage of this entire epic event up until the very day it opens! Today, Luner on Theatre is bringing you the faces of tomorrow, as we introduce to you the orphans of the cast for the 2012 Broadway revival of Annie!

Lilla Crawford – Annie

Emily Rosenfeld – Molly

Tyrah Skye Odoms – Kate

Junah Jang – Tessie

Georgi James – Pepper

Madi Rae DiPietro – July

Taylor Richardson – Duffy (Annie U/S)

Jaidyn Young – Standby for Annie, Pepper, July & Duffy

And thats a wrap! This may have been our most adorable blog post yet!  We hope this sneak peek into the future look of this Broadway revival has you just as excited as we are! I mean, these little girls are adorable! For their full biographies and more information, check out Annie on Broadway’s Official Website. Don’t forget about Luner on Theatre’s NEW URL:! And check out the rest of Luner on Theatre as we work to bring you all your theatre news you don’t only need to know but want to know and more!


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