Wagner College Theatre’s 2012 Senior Showcase Presented April 2nd

Four years of study, practice and hard work come together tonight in one show that will highlight the achievements and talents of one class about to enter the real world. Wagner College Theatre annually presents its Senior Showcase in the spring only a few weeks before graduation and tonight at Playwrights Horizons, the class of 2012 will take the stage for their last bow as a whole here at Wagner.

Wagner College Theatre is a nationally credited theatre program located at Wagner College, the Staten Island liberal arts school. The program, which has been around since the 1960’s, has grown over time to become one of the top theatre programs in the country placing as #1 in 2004 and 2005. To this day, the program still remains within the top five list. The program has produced tons of successful alumni that go out to work in the real world not only in theatre but numerous other positions.

Wagner College Theatre is proud to be behind the names of those such as:

  • Christina DeCicco (Class of 2002) who currently stars in Evita on Broadway as the Eva for Wednesday evening and Saturday matinee performances. She almost most recently could have been seen in Sister Act.
  • Scott Barnhardt (Class of 2001) who currently stars in Tony Award winning The Book of Mormon on Broadway.
  • Monette McKay (Clas of 2007) who currently stars in the Tony Award winning musical Memphis.
  • Katie O’Toole (Class of 2009) who currently works as a Swing in the Tony Award winning musical Jersey Boys.
  • Haley Carlucci (Class of 2008) who recently performed in the West Side Story revival on Broadway.
  • Brian Sgambati (Class of 1997) who recently took part in The Merchant of Venice on Broadway with Al Pacino. He is also currently working on a new Off-Broadway production.
  • Renee Marino (Class of 2004) who recently starred in the revival of West Side Story and took part in the new musical Wonderland.

And the list could go on and on. Success is an understand for Wagner College Theatre and something the department prides itself on producing successful alumni that enter the world and prove with nothing but high achievements.

But today is about the Wagner College Senior Class of 2012. The class is made up of Matt Favetta, Brian Krinsky, Quiten Busey, Andrew Khouri, Matt Sydney, Chelsea Vann, Ryan Cole, Susanna Gooch, Kelly Reilly, Paul Emrich, Jared Isaacson, Chelsey Alfredo, Danielle Dallacco, Sean Fitzharris, Caroline LaTorre, Tara Kirk, Ashley Burger, Natalie Wagner, Mike D’Amico, Kyle Peter VanZandt, Trevor Sideris, Brittney Santoro, Leighann Colin, Erica Wiederlight, Maureen Germain, Heather Kirschenbauer, Sammy DeSimone and Ilana Bolotsky. All are pictured below in the 2012 Senior Showcase Photo.

The Wagner College Theatre Class of 2012

Wagner College Theatre’s Senior Showcase 2012 will take place at Playwrights Horizons in New York City at 6:30 PM. The showcase lasts around an hour and a reception is set to follow. Family memebers, faculty and industry professionals will fill the theatre to celebrate the success these young people have had and the success they have yet to see. Luner on Theatre will be live tweeting tonight from the event and will have a wrap up article on tonight’s showcase tomorrow! Be sure to check back for that then! For more information, check out Wagner College Theatre’s Senior Showcase Page. And of course check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you don’t only need to know but want to know and more!

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