Luner on Theatre is BACK!

Woah! We’re back! REMEMBER US? After a much unexpected break, Luner on Theatre is returning to the web beginning today! If you were wondeirng where we have been or wondering where we are going, don’t worry! We’re bringing you everything you need to know as Luner on Theatre Returns today to the blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter and the web bringing you all your theatre news you not only need but want to know!

Obviously, it clear takes time to keep this blog running! Being a full time college student taking, a full course load and being involved with tons of extra-curricular activities proves time challenging! But we make time for the blog here no matter what! What proved to be the major challenge this time was a major project I found myself working on this past semester at school.

For the past few weeks at school, I have been working on a production of Urinetown the Musical through the Wagner College Theatre department at school. Rehearsals every night from 6:30-10:30 plus all of the work that came before and after the production simply proved to be too much for us all to handle. Instead of writing not the best posts and giving you all the information you need to know, we took a short and unexpected break for sure!

Getting to work on Urinetown the Musical though was quite a special experience! I was lucky enough to work with John Carrafa, a two time Tony nominee as our director and choreographer. John was also the original choreographer for Urinetown on Broadway when it opened back in 2001. So to say the least, this was not just like working on a normal production of Urinetown. Outside of blogging, I have the chance to work in various parts of theatre and one of those is stage management. This show hands down being the biggest I have ever worked on proved challenging and taught me many valuable lessons not only in stage management but also for theatre in general. The production ran for about two weeks at the Snug Harbor Music Hall and we seemed to get a decent turn out. The production went off great and I could not consider myself luckier then to have worked with the people I did. A talented cast and crew helped easily create one of my favorite experiences I’ve had yet to date not only in my college theatre experience, but in general as well. Check out all the fantastic photos of the production on Karen O’Donnell’s website!


But now that we are back, thats the more important thing! We know we are a little behind but that doesn’t mean we are out of the game! We are going to be bringing you all your theatre news you need to know! And we are going to bring you a few stories that are a little old, but we still find important enough to get on the blog so we make sure you know what is going on!

We’d also like to thank everyone who has continued to check the blog despite the fact of no blog posts daily! We can see that people have continued to support the blog and read old posts despite the fact that we have no new ones! And that means a lot to us that your support is continued! We also have a couple new projects in the works including a permanent home for Luner on Theatre LIVE and an expansion of the blog itself! For all those details however, you are going to have to begin checking back into Luner on Theatre everyday again to know what we are up to and most certainly where we are going! We will even be doing multiple posts a day now just to make sure we are not only back on track but so that you have everything you need to know about whats going on in theatre right now and more! Stay tuned to Luner on Theatre everyone and don’t forget…


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