Luner on Theatre LIVE Returns Tonight to the Airwaves

Hello Everyone! We’re sorry we have had a lack of blogging lately but that isn’t keeping us from keeping you up to date on the theatre news you need to know! And tonight, Luner on Theatre giving you your theatre information in a LIVE-ly sort of manner as Luner on Theatre LIVE returns to the airwaves at Wagner College through Wagner College Broadcast Group!

Luner on Theatre LIVE is a radio show brought to you by Wagner College Broadcast Group and Luner on Theatre every Sunday night from 9:00-10:00 PM.  The show kicked off in September of 2011 and is now kicking off its second semester on the air tonight with a new semester filled with tons of new and exciting ideas. The show will continue to have themed episodes like it did last semester which range from episodes about Broadway theatre, student productions, rock musical theatre and many other topics. Tonight’s episode will focus on the new semester for Luner on Theatre and the new upcoming Spring 2012 Broadway season. There will also be discussion of new plans for the radio show itself which we are currently working out final details too and some other personal project’s we are working on.

This semester Luner on Theatre LIVE is hoping to become a bigger presence not only on the Wagner Campus but web as well. Working to connect online through other social networking websites is in the works and the major project for the season still stands at online streaming. However, one of our major projects in the works is viewing purposes for those not located on the Wagner campus in other forms then online streaming. We will be sure to explain more tonight and will be sure to keep the rest of you updated as to what we’re up to.

Another fun item we were able to begin last semester was prize giveaways! Our big prize giveaway of last semester was tickets to Godspell on Broadway! However, this semester we are working to connect with more agencies on prize giveaways for those who tune in weekly to Luner on Theatre LIVE. We are also currently in the process of setting up on site interviews in our studio with theatre professionals as well as students involved in the multiple theatrical productions we cover. This will not only help to expand our show but also give you a personal insight into whatever subject we are talking about having a real live person connected to that project there with us. And of course, questions of the week as well as calling into the show for feedback will continue as it did last semester!

So, tune in TONGHT as Luner on Theatre LIVE returns to the airwaves here at Wagner College kicking off a new and exciting second semester! Weekly prizes, theatre chat, call ins and so much more will fill the 9:00-10:00 PM time slot tonight so make sure you check it out! For those of you on the Wagner College campus, tune into Channel 18 and watch Luner on Theatre LIVE in the studio as we turn on the camera for an hour where we turn off the censor on the theatre scene! You don’t wanna miss this as a new semester begins for our LIVE theatre madness! And if you can’t tune in tonight, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your theatre news you not only need but want to know!

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