Wagner College Theatre 2011-2012 Season to Continue at Snug Harbor Cultural Center

In the Summer of 2011, Wagner College shut down their Main Hall building on campus for a seven million dollar renovation which was slated to last for the summer months including a variety of new features and updates for the almost century old building. However, earlier this year due to more work being needed then anticipated, the project ran into the Fall semester kicking the Wagner College Theatre department, as well as others departments, out of a home. And while many have hoped the building would reach completion for the Spring 2012 semester, we now know that Wagner College Theatre is going to be continuing their season at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Gardens located on Stante Island.

Wagner College’s Main Hall building was dedicated in February of 1930. The building has not only served as a classroom setting for the past 81 years but over time has grown to become to icon of the beautiful college campus located in Staten Island, New York. The building is home to the Theatre, Art and History Departments offices as well as the Main Hall Theatre, a 380 seat theatre spaced used by the theatre department annually for productions and class. So when Wagner College’s Main Hall renovation project ran into the first semester of the 2011-2012 year, major shuffling took place including locating new offices, new classrooms and most importantly, a new theatre space for the department.

Lucky enough for Wagner College Theatre is the fact that many theatres are located on Staten Island. Over the summer months once it became apparent the project would not reach completion on time, the department began looking for spaces on the island that would not only be efficient for the department and its productions but the students who make up all the performance and technical aspects of the productions. The location the department finally decided upon was the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Gardens.

The Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Gardens is a collection of beautiful buildings and gardens located along the North Shore of Staten Island in New York City. The compound, which was once a final location for aged sailors, has now over time grown into a city park which features a variety of entertainment and leisure for the public. Wagner College Theatre most specifically is working out of the Snug Harbor Music Hall; an 850 seat theatre with a balcony in the style of a Greek Revival Music Hall. The theatre is the second oldest music hall in New York City.

Wagner College made themselves at home here in Fall 2011 with their first two productions of the 2011-2012 season, Jesus Christ Superstar and My Fair Lady. And now with the current project at Main Hall continuing into the Spring 2012 semester, it looks as though the Wagner College Theatre season will continue at the Snug Harbor Music Hall with their other Main Stage Productions. The shows scheduled for the Spring slots are Urinetown the Musical and Goddess Wheel.

So what exactly is taking so long on the Wagner College Main Hall project? The project, originally a seven million dollar project, has now raised to a twelve million dollar project as more damage and work has been discovered to be required as time has gone on. Some of the updates and improvements include a new roof, new energy efficient windows, replacing the buildings destroyed mortar and restoring the buildings original ornamentation that is so unique. However, discovery of major damage to some of the buildings internal support has slowed down the process as new permits have been required and new projects have taken precedence over previously planned ones.

Wagner College Theatre’s production of Urinetown the Musical will have performances at Snug Harbor Music Hall February 22nd through the 25th as well as February 29th through March 4th. All performances are at 8 PM with additional 2 PM performances on both the Febrary 22nd and March 3rd. The performance on March 4th is only a 2 PM.

Wagner College Theatre’s production of Goddess Wheel will have performances at Snug Harbor Music Hall April 18th through the 21st as well as April 25th through the 29th. All performances are at 8 PM with additional 2 PM performances on both April 21st and 28th. The performance on April 29th is nly a 2 PM.

Of course, Luner on Theatre will be covering Wagner College Theatre news all semester long as we bring you everything you need to know and more. Currently, Wagner College’s Main Hall is set to reach completion in May of 2012. We will be sure to keep you updated on that as well as the entire theatre department season as we head into the second half of the year with more productions and news in store. Check out Official Wagner College Theatre Section for all news. For more information, check out Wagner College Theatre’s Page on the Wagner College Website. And of course, check back to Luner on Theatre for all the theatre news you not only need but want to know!

Plans for the Renovated Main Hall

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  • Mrs. Ivan Rubin

    Just learned about the renovations. Have been a member for last 30 years. We were wondering why we were never contacted for the series. Please keep us informed

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