Game Over! Lysistrata Jones on Broadway to Close

Game Over! The new Broadway musical Lysistrata Jones may be all about the girls not giving it up to the boys but it looks as though the new the Broadway show is about to give it up to the Broadway business. After dismal ticket sales and a hard battle to spread the word of the new show, the producers of the musical announced yesterday that the production would close on Broadway Sunday January 8th, 2012.

Lysistrata Jones, is a new Broadway musical, loosely based on the Greek comedy Lysistrata by Aristophones. Taking the same idea of refusing sex to get what they want, we find ourselves in the modern world at Athens University with the Athens University cheerleaders and basketball team. Having not won a game in 30 years, the girls decide not giving it up is the only way to get the boys to win a game and restore school pride. However, things get a little out of hand as the sex strike switches lovers around, has people finding new romance and overall just kinda confuses everyone.

Lysistrata Jones first appeared in New York this summer after an Off-Broadway run staged downtown in a Gym. The musical received such praise and good word, the producers decided to move it uptown to Broadway where it has since been all dressed up. However, despite all that Lysistrata Jones still scored with all theatre critics most importantly being The New York Times. Ben Brantley, who quite literally enjoys nothing, praised the production saying “It will keep you hooked!”. A major surprise to the cast and creative team was the big win over with the critics. However, critics praise clearly doesn’t sell tickets to this underdog show on Broadway.

The production has been fighting to gain more ticket sales since beginning on Broadway. Early December was looking literally painful for the production and sales did pick up over the holiday weeks. However, it seems as though Lysistrata Jones on Broadway can’t seem to score for the theatre crowd. By the time in closes on Broadway, the production will have played a total of 34 previews and 30 performances.

While Lysistrata Jones is loosely based off of the Ancient Greek comedy, I would still call the production an original piece of musical theatre. And with such small numbers for a new Broadway show, I have to suggest the argument again of Is Original Musical Theatre Dying or Are We Killing It? Tell me what you think.

The musical stars Patti Murin  as Lysistrata Jones, Liz Mikel as Hetaira, Josh Segarra as Mick, Jason Tam as Xander and Lindsay Nicole Chambers as Robin. The company includes Alexander Aguilar as ‘Uardo, Ato Blankson-Wood as Tyllus, Katie Boren as Lampito, Kat Nejat as Cleonice, LaQuet Sharnellas as Myrrhine, Teddy Toye as Harold and Alex Wyse as Cinesius.

The new musical features music and lyrics by Lewis Flinn and a book by Douglas Carter Beane. Both of these aspects which are very hard to find in any new musical today. The musical featured both direction and choreography by Tony Award nominee Dan Knechtges. The rest of the creative team includes a set designer by Allen Moyer, a costume design by David C. Woolard and Thomas Charles LeGalley, a lighting design by Michael Gottlieb, a sound design by Tony Meola and a hair design by Mark Adam Rampmeyer. The production also features music director Brad Simmons, music coordination by Dean Sharenow and associate choreographer Jessica Hartman.

Producers for Lysistrata Jones on Broadway include Paula Herold, Alan Wasser, Joseph Smith, Michael McCabe, John Breglio, Takonkiet Viravan/Scenario Thailand, Hilary A. Williams, Broadway Across America, James G. Robinson in association with Tony Meola, Martin McCallum and Marianne Mills.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to check out Lysistrata Jones on Broadway in its very short time period. I personally very much enjoyed the production with it breathing some new life into the Broadway arena with a new flavor of style I haven’t seen in a while. Check out my Official Lysistrata Jones Review here for more of my thoughts and comments on the production!

So make your way down the court, I mean street to the Walter Kerr Theatre before this Sunday January 8th, 2012 when Lysistrata Jones on Broadway will give it up! This fun new 21st century musical brings to life an old classic story on Broadway in a fun new funky fresh manner that will have you tapping your feet from beginning to end! For more information, check out Lysistrata Jone’s Official Broadway WebsiteCheck Out the rest of Luner on Theatre for information on Lysistrata Jones and all the other theatre information you not only need but want to know!

One comment

  • I wanted to see this show and never got the chance; what a shame that a well-received, exuberantly performed original musical featuring a talented cast can’t last for a decent run! Finally found some time after the holidays to see a Broadway show so I order tickets by phone and I’m told the show is already closed! Very disappointing!

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