Bang! Bang! Bonnie & Clyde Sets Closing Date on Broadway

Broadway is about to become a little less rough as two of history’s most infamous outlaws are set to vanish as a new year approaches on Broadway. Today, in an odd turn of events, the producers of the new musical Bonnie & Clyde announced that the production would play its final Broadway performance on December 30th, 2011.

Bonnie & Clyde is a new musical that features  a book by Ivan Menchell, music by Frank Wildhorn and lyrics by Don Black. The musical is based off of the true life story and events of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow who became two infamous outlaws in the United States through out the Great Depression.The two were not only famous however though for their great crimes but their great love story as well. The musical follows them as they fall in love, continue their crime spree and watches it till the very end quite literally for not only their story but the both of them.

The production began with previews on Broadway November 4th, 2011 and opened officially at The Gerald Schoenfeld on December 1st. The production received luke warm reviews from critics not destroying the piece like Wildhorn’s last piece on Broadway, Wonderland. However, they weren’t over the top crazy about it either. However, the production had gained a lot of talk from a previous run in Florida and in California at the La Jolla Playhouse back in 2009. This has caused for a lot of talk about Bonnie & Clyde in New York City before the production ever in got here. Ticket sales were not terrible for the production but it was by no means selling out. And that is when things began to get weird.

On December 8th, Telecharge began to send out emails notifying people that anyone who had purchased tickets beyond December 30th performance of Bonnie & Clyde would be refunded their money because the production would be closing on that date. However, no closing notice was posted or press release was sent to any major Broadway news databases such as Playbill, or leaving fan dazed and confused as to the shows future. Lead star Jeremy Jordan proceed to cause more confusion announcing the following on Twitter December 8th as well.

“@JeremyMJordan: There is no truth to Bonnie and Clyde closing on December 30th. We’re still fighting. It ain’t over til its over, folks.#bcforever”

Fans were beside themselves. Was this a stunt to pull in ticket sales or was the production actually closing? As more details were discovered, it was realized it was more of a stunt to pull in ticket sales to determine this shows future on Broadway. Tickets were only being sold for up to a limited time and if they sold well, the production would continue. It seems as though that hasn’t worked too well considering producers of America’s Most Wanted musical have now announced that December 30th will indeed be the production’s final performance.

And despite the fact that Bonnie & Clyde is closing, there may be some positives to come out of all this in the end. Leading star Jeremy Jordan now has the chance to return to Disney’s Newsies the Musical making its way to Broadway this Spring. Jordan played hero Jack Kelly in the regional production but announced he would not be returning for the Broadway run due to Bonnie & Clyde. However, with nothing stopping him now he may return and should. Also, Jordan has received great reviews for Bonnie & Clyde on Broadway and received good reviews for Newsies at Paper Mill. If Jordan’s good Newsies reviews continue on Broadway this spring, Jeremy Jordan could be nominated twice for Best Leading Actor in a Musical come awards season.

Another person who could score in the same way would be director Jeff Calhoun. Calhoun directed Bonnie & Clyde on Broadway and Newsies in its regional life at Paper Mill Playhouse. Calhoun could see the nomination of Best Direction twice later this year. And of course there is always the chance both shows could be nominated for multiple awards as I have no surprise if they were.

Luner on Theatre is working on trying to see this production before it closes so we can not only check out this production which we have heard many good things from but also review the production. In a season of limited new musicals on Broadway, this production is one we do not want to miss.

So if you get the chance to before December 30th, check out one of the most famous American outlaw stories to ever exist. Live on stage with music, shoot outs and a love story you can’t get over – Bonnie & Clyde is sure to wow audiences with a new example of original musical theatre you just can’t resist. For more information, check out Bonnie & Clyde’s Official Broadway Website. And if you’re interested to hear some of the production, music samples of the production do exist on Youtube. Check it out – you will most definitely be surprised! Thank you to for the photos used in this article! Stay tuned to Luner on Theatre as we bring you all the theatre news you not only want but need to know!

One comment

  • Christine Murdock

    Saw it twice- fantastic set, fantastic cast- stand out performances by Melissa Van Der Schyff and Claybourne Elder- must see while still on Broadway!!!

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