Off the Record: High Fidelity in Rehearsal (Photos)

Hello Everyone! Luner on Theatre is BACK! We have been swamped in theatre work for the past week but here we are! Back and bringing you your theatre news you need to know! We’re continuing our series today of Off the Record as we approach show time for the upcoming Completely Student Productions show High Fidelity opening later this week! How did we fall so behind in keeping you updated? More on that tomorrow. But for now, lets get some visuals.

We decided we should bring you some rehearsal shots of this production in the works! Not only so you know that it is actually still happening, but also so you can check out the fantastic cast and creative team who have been working around the clock for the past 3 weeks to make this show possible. Check out some of the rehearsal photos we have gathered in the past weeks from the show.

Alex Boniello (Barry) and Robby Haltiwanger (Rob)

Robby Haltiwanger (Rob) and Gregory Martins (Bruce Springsteen

Choreographer Brendan Stackhouse works with the Female Ensemble

The Company practices the Finale

Robby Haltiwanger (Rob) and Brittney Santoro

Robby Haltiwanger (Rob) and Chelsey Alfredo (Liz)

Off the Record is a New Series brought to you by Luner on Theatre profiling a student production of High Fidelity at Wagner College as we follow the behind the scenes process from day one of rehearsals to the curtain of the performances. You can check out the Entire Off the Record Series here. Stick with us as the series continues and we bring you everything you need, want and may not want to know about mounting a production! This production will be going up in December so we only have so little time to bring you so much news! Stay tuned Everyone to Luner on Theatre for the Theatre Blog that brings you your need to know theatre news!

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