Off the Record: Late Night Limitations

Hello Everyone! Off the Record, our new series profiling the student production of High Fidelity form beginning to end, continues today on the blog! Promising to bring you the real deal behind the scenes, today’s blog post takes a different turn as we talk about some of the limitations the project holds. Not issues, but limitations we are working to take advantage of. Heres the breakdown folks as Luner on Theatre goes Off the Record at with some Late Night Limitations.

Off the Record is a New Series brought to you by Luner on Theatre as we track the upcoming production of High Fidelity at Wagner College through Completely Student Productions. Bringing you the behind the scenes making of this production from day one to the process to the curtain of the performances, Off the Record is all about showing you what it takes to make a production – as well as having a little fun along the way. Rehearsal photos (some of which you’ll see below), rehearsal videos and more are in store for this new series. We’ll also give you a chance to personally meet the 12 fabulous cast members that make up this show as well as the brains behind the production – the creative team.

When we first decided to start working on this show, we knew we had limitations. Due to the fact that all of our cast and creative team members are members of the Wagner College Theatre department, working around the productions that department puts on annually is always a factor to consider. We held rehearsals from about 6:30-10:30 PM before anything started tech wise for the department productions using up all the time we had. However, once technical rehearsals and now performances began, we have now moved our rehearsal times to 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM. This is a time where we know we will have everyone we need from cast members to creative staff, considering that so many are working on the shows on the technical aspects.

However, My Fair Lady, the current Wagner College Theatre show running, is a longer show which has resulted in rehearsals beginning around 11:15 PM each night. This has put some strain on the creative team to teach blocking, music and choreography to cast members in that time as well as have the cast members learn what they need to and execute it properly. You need to find an even balance – enough time to teach the material and enough time to make sure it is properly being executed. So, last night we sat down with our cast to make a decision that will help push along High Fidelity to a final curtain.

Many student productions on Wagner’s campus rehearse when they can. In the past for some shows, rehearsals have run extremely late (or should I say early) which has not only resulted in a backlash from the performers but a lack of rest and prep time for all those working on the show. And I’m not talking late as in Midnight, we’re talking 1,2 even 3 AM. High Fidelity came into this rehearsal process promising not to do that and we will not. We mentioned the latest rehearsals would ever go was 12 AM, allowing time for rest, homework and all the other necessary items of a normal college student. Last night, we sat down with our cast and everyone agreed to have rehearsals now continue each night until 12:30 AM. Asking each cast member individually their honest opinions on the matter, many agreed that they would rather the work on the show continue towards a final product then continue half completing things which had been taking place since My Fair Lady’s tech began.

And while no one, cast members and creative staff, do not want rehearsals going super late – we understand the importance of the product. I have nothing but pride for my cast and creative team handling things with the situation we have been thrown into. We have a ridiculously short period of time to rehearse, learn the material and have performances and everyone has been nothing but understanding. Truly rising the the cause of the production, we truly lucked out with people that not only care about this show but are talented enough to just take it under their wing in and out of the rehearsal space. And that is how these Late Night Limitations are being used to our advantage.

Off the Record is a New Series brought to you by Luner on Theatre profiling a student production of High Fidelity at Wagner College as we follow the behind the scenes process from day one of rehearsals to the curtain of the performances. You can check out the Entire Off the Record Series here. Stick with us as the series continues and we bring you everything you need, want and may not want to know about mounting a production! This production will be going up in December so we only have so little time to bring you so much news! Stay tuned Everyone to Luner on Theatre for the Theatre Blog that brings you your need to know theatre news!

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