Off the Record: High Fidelity Music Mania

Hello Everyone! Our Series continues Today! Off the Record today is taking you behind the scenes of a music rehearsal for this upcoming production! Hectic harmonies and memorizing music all goes into this epic process that will help make this show major since so much of it is made up of music. But what exactly are we up to at these music rehearsals? Check it out as today Luner on Theatre goes Off the Record with some High Fidelity Music Mania.

Off the Record is a New Series brought to you by Luner on Theatre as we track the upcoming production of High Fidelity at Wagner College through Completely Student Productions. Bringing you the behind the scenes making of this production from day one to the process to the curtain of the performances, Off the Record is all about showing you what it takes to make a production – as well as having a little fun along the way. Rehearsal photos (some of which you’ll see below), rehearsal videos and more are in store for this new series. We’ll also give you a chance to personally meet the 12 fabulous cast members that make up this show as well as the brains behind the production – the creative team.

This blog post is all about music. Inspired by a fantastic music rehearsal last night, I thought it might be interesting to talk about the music that makes up so much of this production. The production features music by Tom Kitt and lyrics by Amanda Green. Caroline Young, a Senior Arts Administration major, is our musical director for this production and we couldn’t have gotten much luckier then that. Caroline so far is working her way through the music swiftly working with principles and ensemble alike to plow through this music in the short amount of time we have. And this music by no means is easy. Crazy harmonies and funky tempo’s make up the entire show as the music twists, turns, changes and doesn’t look back once.

Alex Boniello

Last night, we had a major music rehearsal that worked with many of the productions principles on some of the show’s best and brightest songs. The night started off working with Robby Haltiwanger (Rob), Alex Boniello (Barry) and Anthony Freitas (Dick). Working through “Nine Percent Chance” and “The Last Real Record Store” – I sit and think about how lucky we are to have people that are not only clearly talented but passionate about what they are doing. Theatre – and clearly loving any chance at it they get. These three will steal your hearts in this show, whether that be with their characters or harmonies, will be up to you to decide.

Chelsey Alfredo

And the talent doesn’t even stop with the boys! As the night goes on, we work with some of our principle girls one on one to work their major pieces in the show. Chelsey Alfredo‘s (Liz) version of “She Goes” will literally leave you sitting with your jaw open. She sounds fantastic on it and does it with such ease. And then things take a change of course for the evening as we work with Annie Dow (Marie) and Lauren Wagner (Anna) on “Ready to Settle”. The song clearly changes the entire mood of the show and music we have been working all night – but its refreshing. And the girls sound beautiful on it so its kind of like a perfect ending to a nightlong of music. And while the boys are a huge part of this production overall – the girls are most definitely going to “Wow” you with some of these voices we have in store.

Off the Record is a New Series brought to you by Luner on Theatre profiling a student production of High Fidelity at Wagner College as we follow the behind the scenes process from day one of rehearsals to the curtain of the performances. You can check out the Entire Off the Record Series here. Stick with us as the series continues and we bring you everything you need, want and may not want to know about mounting a production! This production will be going up in December so we only have so little time to bring you so much news! Stay tuned Everyone to Luner on Theatre for the Theatre Blog that brings you your need to know theatre news!

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