Glee Explores The First Time Tonight; Episode Preview!

Happy Tuesday Glee Fans! Another episode of the hit television series Glee hits the air tonight in an episode that may make or break the hit television series as two of the shows main couples, yes, explore sex in a brand new episode titled, The First Time. So hold on tight folks as Luner on Theatre gives you your Glee sneak peek of the week now!

Click Here for a Sneak Peek of Tonight’s All New Glee!

In a brand new episode titled, The First Time, Glee couples Finn and Rachel as well as Kurt and Blaine will experience sex for the first time. As the Glee gang approaches opening night of West Side Story at McKinley High, the couples and world around them is quickly changing faster then ever. We’ll meet a new character, Sebastian played by Grant Gustin, who will potentially offer some harm to the “Klaine” (Kurt and Blaine) relationship we all love. Also, David Karofsky is back in a totally unexpected return to the scene in a light that will surprise you. The new directions are back working it out with some great songs and Coach Beiste will be be reevaluating her life as the episode brings to life drama, scandal and more tonight!

Click here to Take a Look Behind the Scene of Tonight’s Glee!

And while tonight’s episode is titled The First Time, and many fans/television watchdog groups may be up in arms about the upcoming episode, Glee already has expected that. Glee, since its inception over two years ago now, has continued to change and explore the lives of teens in the modern world consistently pushing issues and challenging ideas not done by other shows on air. So tonight’s episode will definitely be yet another pillar in this ever changing series. Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt, on the award winning television series has been quoted as saying “He absolutely expects to hear from television watchdog groups about the scene” from tonight’s episode. However, Colfer explains that Glee, like it always does for many of these touchy subjects, does it in a tasteful manner. Nothing in your face or over the top – but something along the lines so that you clearly get the message.

And of course, Glee continues to score with its hit covers of the best music in the industry! Whats in line for tonight?

A Boy Like That



One Hand, One Heart

Uptown Girl

So, Tune in Tonight to FOX at 8 PM for a totally NEW Episode of Glee that is most definitely going to heat things up both on and off the screen! I think it will definitely be interesting to see the overall reactions after tonight’s episode to not only the Glee series but the characters that tonight will be changed forever in Glee fans hearts. You don’t wanna miss this episode of Glee Everyone! Tune in tonight for Glee’s hottest and most controversial episode yet!

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