Off the Record: High Fidelity Rehearsal #1

Hello Everyone! As promised, we here at Luner on Theatre promised we would be launching a new series today and here it is! I am currently working with a group of good friends here at Wagner College through Completely Student Productions on a production of High Fidelity. I decided it would be a lot of fun to profile this production from the very first day all the way to curtain in a new series we’re going to be calling “Off the Record”.

“Off the Record” is a new series here on Luner on Theatre that will profile the production of High Fidelity at Wagner College through Completely Student Productions from day number one to the curtain of the performances. Working on the production team myself as the stage manager, I will be able to give a first hand view into the workings and mounting of this production. We’re going to give you a behind the scenes look into the production side of everything as well as a little fun. You’ll get to meet our 12 fabulous cast members, all of which will have their own little profile/spotlight moment here on the Blog. Of course, rehearsal photos and more visuals will also be provided.

So, lets kick off our first “Off the Record” Blog post! Time to meet some people!

The Creative Team: Junior Theatre Performance major Max King is the Director of this production. Senior Arts Administration major Caroline Young is the Musical Director. Sophomore Arts Administration major Brendan Stackhouse is the Choreographer of the production and Junior Arts Administration major Chris Luner is Stage Manager. Also, Junior Arts Administration major Molly Tom is the Technical Coordinator for the production.

Meet the Cast: The cast consist of Robby Haltiwanger playing Rob, Alex Boniello playing Barry, Anthony Freitas playing Dick, Justin Stevens as Ian, Phil Della Noce as Neil Young and Gregory Martins as Bruce Springstreen. When it comes to the girls; Brittney Santoro as Laura, Chelsey Alfredo as Liz/Sarah, Annie Dow as Marie/Penny, Lauren Wagner as Anna/Allison, Chelsea Amoroso as Charlie and Madison Sylvester as Jackie.

Wanna know more about all of these fabulous people? Luner on Theatre will be featuring them all on the Blog in profiles so you’ll get to learn more about them on and off the stage. Stay tuned for that

Last Night was the first rehearsal for the new show. We began working through music with the entire ensemble learning “Turn The World Off” and “Last Real Record Store”. And while there definitely is still a ton of work to do before the show opens in December, I have no worries that we’ll get everything done before that happens. High Fidelity is an interesting show with maybe not calling for the biggest production needs – but it gives you your challenges else where. Most of that I would say lies in the music of this production.

“Off the Record” is a new series brought to you by Luner on Theatre involving the making and launching of High Fidelity at Wagner College through Completely Student Productions. We will be bringing you updates and giving you an inside look into the making of a production and more. I hope as these little entries continue, you will only get more excited and more into the show so that you will come see it when it goes up in December. Until next time, feel free to check out the rest of our Blog and all your need to know theatre news only brought to you by us here at Luner on Theatre!

The First High Fidelity Rehearsal


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