The Show Must Go On: Broadway Actors Sidelined by Injuries

The Show Must Go On! Potentially the most popular phrase for those involved in the theatre community took new meaning this as some Broadway’s biggest names in three completely seperate productions were sidelined after being affected by injuries. And no, this time it wasn’t Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark injuring its actors. Godspell Star Morgan JamesFollies revival star Jan Maxwell and Tony Award nominee Josh Gad of The Book of Mormon were all injured.

Photo by Kathleen Hennessey

Accident Report #1: Morgan James of Godspell was sidelined in the past weeks after receiving a sprained ankle during the technical process for the upcoming revival. Since receiving the sprained ankle, she has been seeing a physical therapist. However, previews for Godspell began October 13th with an official opening set for November 7th. Morgan James, as of this time, has not performed in any of the productions previews. She is currently expected to return November 11th to the production.

Godspell is a musical by Stephen Schwartz and John-Michael Tebelak. “The musical based on the Gospel according to St. Matthew” is back on Broadway  on a totally new style taking over the Circle in the Square theatre. Filled with song after song, the musical consists of all your favorites such as Jesus, Judas, Mary and more in a one of a kind production.

Accident Report #2: The second incident took place on October 27th during a performance of the 2011 Tony Award winning Best Musical The Book of Mormon. Josh Gad, who received a Tony nomination for his role as Elder Cunningham, began the show and at some point during the performance sustained an injury. He was replaced in the midst of the performance by his understudy who has now played all performances since. Apparently, after the October 27th performance at the stage door, co-star and Tony nominee Andrew Rannells mentioned to fans at the stage door that Gad was indeed injured during the performance as rumors had began circulating. As of October 31st, there was no official word from the production on when Gad would return.

The Book of Mormon is a Tony Award Winning musical by Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez. The musical is a satire, not only of the Mormon church, but of many things in general. Religion, race, politics and more are all made fun of. The musical specifically follows the story of Elder Price and Elder Cunningham as they are sent to Uganda to convert the locals into Mormons. However, they first face a battle with the local warlord – General Butt Fucking Naked. Hilarious songs, outlandish jokes and a heartfelt story fill this musical through out.

Accident Report #3: The third incident took place only two days later a few blocks down. However, this incident was not in the midst of a performance but post show. Follies star Jan Maxwell was crossing 45th street after the matinee of Follies when she was struck by a mini-van. She received injuries on both her arms and legs. However, it was expected she would make a fast recovery. She missed all weekend performances of the show while her understudy, Colleen Fitzpatrick, took over. Maxwell did return to the production as of last night, November 1st and will continue to perform in all performances. This was her first time ever in her entire theatre career she has missed a performance.

Follies is a musical by Stephen Sondheim and James Goldman. The musical follows the stories of two couples, Benjamin & Phyllis Rogers Stone and Buddy & Sally Durant Plummer, as they attend a reunion at their crumbling Broadway theatre where the Weismann’s Follies once took place. The musical has them all not only reliving their glory days but reliving the issues that plagued them once – and now will yet again.

Crazy that three very well know performers on Broadway have all been injured in recent weeks in three completely different incidents. However, the show must go on! And Luner on Theatre is happy to bring you the news that Jan Maxwell has already returned to performances. We will be sure to do the same once we know of Gad for The Book of Mormon. Morgan James is expected to return to Godspell on November 11th. For more information on both of these productions, you can check out The Official Website for Follies, The Official Website for Godspell as well as The Official Website for The Book of Mormon. And of course, check out the rest of Luner on Theatre for all your need to know Broadway news and more!


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