Luner on Theatre LIVE Returns Tonight with Halloween Show!

Hello Everyone! Did you miss us? Tonight, after two weeks of theatre free airwaves, Luner on Theatre returns LIVE to the air to once again bring you all your theatre need to know news LIVE and up to date! And of course, keeping in the theme of our themed air shows, tonight Luner on Theatre LIVE gets a little bit spookier with a special Halloween themed Air Show!

Despite the fact that it may not look like it for those of you reading this and there is snow outside your window, Halloween is here! Everone is celebrating INCLUDING your favorite theatre blog, Luner on Theatre! Tonight’s episode of Luner on Theatre LIVE will be completey dedicated to Halloween, theatre and Broadway – I mean, Who could ask for anything more?

And while we don’t want to give away ALL the details of tonight’s fantastic line up we have for you, we do have some very cool topics in mind to discuss that will help us all get into the Halloween spirit and talk about theatre at the same time! From Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark to The Addams Family, Luner on Theatre will be covering some of our favorite Halloween type shows and more! Have you ever thought of a show that would make a fantastic Halloween musical? We’ll be covering that too! And of course, we’re going to be giving you a break down on some hip cool Broadway Halloween Costumes you could rock tomorrow! Do you have any cool Broadway Halloween Costumes? Send them to us! We’ll be using any and all photos we get tonight live on the air!

DID SOMEONE SAY PRIZES? If you follow Luner on Theatre on Twitter or Facebook, we announced earlier this week we were in the works for some prizes for this week’s show and ladies and gentlemen, we have them! Tonight on the show, Luner on Theatre will be giving away 1 pair of tickets to Godspell on Broadway! YES! That is right! We have a pair of tickets to give away to the latest hit revival hitting the Great White Way! There will be a Trivia and Call In to see who wins these tickets! However, if you don’t win tonight – Dont worry! We’ll be having prizes weekly that you can continue to win and so on!

For those of you not at Wagner College that want to listen to Luner on Theatre LIVE, Wagner College Broadcast Group is still working on setting up online streaming. The undertaking of this project is taking longer then expected due to rules and regulations of broadcasting online which is why we do not have that for you yet. This will most likely up  and running by next semester would be the best guess. However, Luner on Theatre does LIVE TWEET all shows and is LIVE on Facebook for consist talking to everyone who is and isn’t tuned into our show so you can check out what we’re doing there as well. However, Luner on Theatre LIVE is considering recording future air shows so that they can be viewed whenever by anyone who would be interested in them. We’ll let you know more about this as it develops.

Luner on Theatre LIVE is a once a week one hour long radio show brought to you by Luner on Theatre and Wagner College Broadcast Group. The show airs weekly every Sunday Night from 9:00-10:00 PM.  Luner on Theatre would like to extend a huge thank you to WCBG for their continued help and support so far and as our air show continues to grow and expand.

So, tune in tonight to Luner on Theatre LIVE as we not only hit the airwaves again but kick it all off with a fantastic Halloween themed air show! We’ll be chatting about theatre, celebrating the holidays and of course giving away prizes! Do you want to see something on Luner on Theatre LIVE we have never done before? Tell us here! Luner on Theatre LIVE is continuing to grow and expand and we’re always looking for new things to cover and explore! Tune in tonight to Channel 18 (If you’re at Wagner College) to view a special Halloween themed episode of Luner on Theatre LIVE! And of course, check out the rest of the blog that started it all! Luner on Theatre brings you all your need to know theatre news up to date!

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