Wagner College Theatre Honored with Emerging Young Artist Award (Photos)

Last night was a high night for Wagner College and the notable Wagner Colege Theatre program as the nationally recognized collegiate theatre program received yet another award honoring and reminding those of the program’s success. The Council for the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island’s Annual Gala, Wagner College Theatre was honored with the Emerging Young Artist Award. The Emerging Young Artist Award honors “a Staten Island individual or group of individuals under 30 years of age who have a strong record of achievement in any discipline or for a particularly significant single achievement.” Melanie Franklin Cohn, Executive Director of the Council on Arts & Humanties for Staten Island said Wagner College Theatre was chosen for this award, “for being a great community asset, for its achievement of being the most highly recognized theater program in New York City, and for encouraging and helping young artists achieve their career goals.”

The Gala Program

Wagner Theatre Alum Melissa Waterbury and Tony Award Winner Associate Professor, Michele Pawk

Wagner Theatre Alum Charlie Siedenburg and Head of Dance, Rusty Curcio


Phill Hickox, Head of Design/Technology/Management and Lauri Young, Resident Musical Director

Anthony Colasuonno and Chris Luner, Two Current Students who Attended

The Wagner College Theatre Gang

Luner on Theatre also LIVE Tweeted last night’s gala! For more information on everything that went down and some more photo’s we uploaded to Twitter, check them out there! Just search @Luner_onTheatre on Twitter for MORE!

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